A Small State With Big Thinkers

The innovative vehicle tracking system created for the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) by Astrata Group Incorporated has now been accepted by Singapore’s Government.
“The deployment of such an advanced, state-of-the-art system on commercial vehicles is the first such application in the world,” says Singapore’s SCDF Commissioner, James Tan.
After nearly a year of system integration, deployment, testing and training, the countrywide hazmat vehicle tracking system is set to play a prominent role in Singapore’s expanded homeland security program.
Under a contract awarded to Astrata Singapore, more than 700 vehicles have now been fitted with the small, intelligent tracking device, which is smaller than a mobile phone …  Full Story is Here

Well the first thing the nay-sayers are going to come up with is that Singapore is a small city-state. 

This kind of effort isn’t applicable to the United States, you see, we are so much bigger.  Hmmm.  Singapore happens to be approximately the size of Washington DC.  And Singapore happens to track virtually every Hazardous Materials (HazMat) shipment within its borders while Washington DC tracks exactly 0 (that’s z e r o percent of the shipments within its borders.

Does this have to do with size, or does this have to do with forethought and a desire of those in government to actually govern … rather than chase their pages around and inventing stories to cover up their actions?

US Flag

If the US is so much bigger than Singapore it just must be richer and more important, yes?  certainly Mr. Obama and the rest of our leaders must think so.  So tell me why Singapore protects their population … including their president and parliament and capital facilities while the US concentrates on football, the "World Series" and our underclass of soldier boys we send to foreign lands while the "upper class" play the stock market.

Am I a little bitter?  yes I am.  In the years since 9/11 I have worked in government and private industry with a primary focus on vehicle tracking for commerce and public safety.  Even though we are talking little units that cost much less than one tire on an 18-wheel "rolling bomb" the Department of Homeland Security has d0one virtually nothing to bring this kind of safety and security enhancement to the American public.  It’s frustrating and sad.

Notice, if you care to read the article I referenced, that Singapore takes care of the problem of foreign vehicles with a simple magnetic stick-on unit that tracks the vehicle in Singaporean territory then gets turned in when the vehicle goes home.

Are we so clueless that we can’t do this for Washington DC, New York, LA or maybe even your city?  Can our politicians fathom a magnet clinging to ferrous metal?  I’ll try to find some entertaining eye candy for the weekend coming up … meanwhile, as you enjoy your Friday think about what we are and aren’t doing and try to figure out why Singapore cares more than the US does?

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