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Ferdinand Magellan was the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe. He did so under the Spanish crown in the 16th century. Since that time, the name Magellan has stood for navigation far and wide. Is it any wonder that there is a firm for global tracking services, therefore, named Magellan? Is it any wonder that the Magellan Roadmate series includes prime features for easy navigation and easy use?

The Magellan Roadmate series consists of several models of handheld GPS devices for the North American continent including the United States. Each one has ease of use through their interactive displays that are so simple to understand, you really don’t even need to read the directions! The common features include six million points of interest (POI). With these points, you can click on the icon and the GPS will give you directions, including which exit to take, as well as other helpful information about the locations. POIs include gas stations, hotels, ATMs that are searchable by category, name, and city or nearest to your position.

Other features are listed below. The home icon lets you select any location as your home base. QuickSpell is a Magellan Roadmate GPS system feature that checks your spelling as you type, and can quickly search addresses and POIs. SayWhere is a text-to-voice feature that can provide street names and step by step directions to get you to your next location. SmartDetour and Auto re-route are two of the best features to help you avoid heavy traffic, construction, or road closures. The Magellan Roadmate helps you navigate around these frustrating situations, and will re-evaluate your route to keep you on track, even as you turn off the original route. Auto NightView is a great feature that automatically adjusts the LCD screen brightness and color for optimal viewing in low light settings. All Roadmate GPS systems have address books available so that you can save repeat information for future trips. This way, you avoid having to repeatedly search for the same POI.

There are a number of other great features that aren’t common to all models. As an example, the Roadmate 1430 has a useful tow truck icon to indicate your exact location so that tow trucks can get to you quickly and easily in case of an emergency. The 1430, 1400, and 1200 models also feature 2D and 3D views for enhanced route visualization. Every Magellan Roadmate comes standard with detailed and accurate maps for every country in North America, plus Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and pinpoints your location precisely to within 3 meters in real time. Each unit has rechargeable batteries that last for up to three hours before the next recharge. The Magellan Roadmate GPS creates customizable travel routes, and some models can hold as many as twenty locations at one time!

Users love the flexibility and grand detail received in using these sleek little compact GPSs, especially since you can take them anywhere! You can also attach it to your windshield or dash with accessories that comes with. There is a volume adjustment so you can hear around noisy situations, and the level will come back down when it becomes quieter. Additional maps are available for download for the UK and European countries, as well. For everyday life, excursions into traffic or your own little epic adventure, the Magellan Roadmate GPS is a fantastic buy!

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  • Vicente Calibo de Jesus

    Magellan was not the first circumnavigator

    The Spanish expedition that successfully rounded the globe in 1522 did not have Magellan on board when the sole ship that made it, Victoria, reached Sevilla in September 1522. Magellan had died at Mactan, the Philippines in April 1521.

    So Magellan had not circumnavigated, i.e., sailed from one longitude, 5°58? W at Seville, Spain, and returned to the same after sailing around the world.
    The notion Magellan was first to go around the globe is based on the belief he had gone to the island of Ambon at 128° E in 1511 as captain of one nao in a reconnoitering expedition under the leadership of Capt. Antonio d’Abreu. This assertion, made separately by Peter Martyr, Giovanni Battista Ramusio, and Leonardo de Argensola has no factual support.

    Official record of the Portuguese show it was another seaman, Simao de Bisagudo, who was the third captain. The second captain, the record show, was Magellan’s friend, Francisco Serrao.

    Had Magellan been on this trip, when he reached Mactan, the Philippines at 124° E longitude in April 7, 1522, he would have overlapped Ambon by 4 degrees of longitude.

    Thus, the notion of Magellan’s having circumnavigated the globe is based on a false claim, or to put it more diplomatically, on a claim that is without factual support.

    Thus the claim of Alexis Kenne that Magellan is the first circumnavigator is false. Or, not true. Or, without basis in fact.

    Whichever, it should be excised so the article does not begin with an untruth which colors the rest of the article’s claims.

    Or Kenne can reword the issue in this way: The first circumnavigation was envisioned by Ferdinand Magellan. Or, the first rounding of the world was an idea visualized, planned, and executed by Ferdinand Magellan.

    In any case, this comment challenges the veracity of the claim that introduces the whole article.


  • dave

    Excellent coment, Vincente. Mr. Kenne offered the articles and I accepted it. I know he’s wrong regarding Magellan’s circumnavigation claim but chose to let it go through becuase I am tired of correcting people on this issue. No excuse excepot editorial lassitude.

    But I applaud your diligence in taking up the cause … accuracy is indeed important.