I Thought Being Told To Eat Your Oatmeal Was Abuse

Perhaps this should be subtitled GPS Tracking for oatmeal. I just know that in today’s world we need GPS tracking to protect our school children from accident and terrorists, and per haps also to protect the bus drivers from the students.

Girl’s Unfinished Oatmeal Leads To School Bus Shooting

HOUSTON — A Spring Branch school district bus was shot up Thursday, police said. All because the bus driver refused to let a student aboard who was still eating her breakfast.
“She had oatmeal and the bus driver informed her that it was against school rules,” said Spring Branch ISD Police Chief Chuck Brawner. “They had some words and then she decided to get off the bus.”
The incident all started Thursday morning in the 9000 block of Kempwood.
Officials said after being denied by the bus driver, the student got off the bus, went back home and told her mother and boyfriend.
What the couple allegedly did next may surprise you.
“They called transportation and told the dispatcher they were going to get the bus driver,” said Brawner. “The mother of the student started looking for him in one vehicle and the suspect was in another vehicle.”
The boyfriend caught up with the bus at the intersection of Bingle and Hempstead Highway.
There were no kids aboard, only the driver, who told police he saw the boyfriend walk toward the bus carrying a gun.
"According to the bus driver, he pulled a weapon and shot one time at him,” said Brawner.
The boyfriend, Kendall Thomas, admitted to police he was angry and that he tracked down this school bus. However, he denied he pulled a weapon.
“He said he threw a bottle of perfume at it,” said Brawner.
Police didn’t find a perfume bottle, only a bullet hole.
"Four or five inches more and he would (have) struck the driver,” said Brawner.
Thomas has now been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, all over a bowl of oatmeal.

What else can I say … except that if the driver had had a competent GPS school bus tracking system with a "silent alarm"/"help me now" button the driver might not have had to come within four inches of losing his life.  How much is safety worth on your buses?  especially considering the GPS tracking will pay for itself in one year?

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