Can GPS Tracking Pay For Itself In Vehicle Idling Savings Alone?

Many of us have heard the phrase “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”, or words to that effect.  The first documented source I can find is: IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL’S TOOLS – "Idleness is the root of mischief. This maxim has been traced back to Chaucer’s ‘Tale of Melibee’ (c. 1386).

Idling vehicles are even worse that idling hands, (although here are some interesting examples of what your employees are probably doing while you aren’t watching) … and in today’s world where we are “Triple Challenged” by the global recession, the high cost of fuel and the growing awareness of our need to protect our planet, idling vehicles has got to stop .. we need to do something now, today.

Unlike a lot of things we “know” we are supposed to be doing but can’t because they cost to much, or the technology isn’t there yet, GSP Fleet Tracking Systems can stop excess idling cold .. and pay for itself with reduced idling alone.

My GPS Tracking blogging colleague Rob Donat runs a great company in Arizona where he’s had astounding success in selling GPS Fleet Management via GPS into the notoriously light market of the past few years.

Here’s a great report he just published on how much money is being wasted with excess vehicle idling and how fast a business can end the problem with a great ROI.

You can (and should) read more about idling and the rest of the fascinating things Rob’s company,GPSInsight is doing here, but I’ve extracted this to show you Rob and the rest of us who know what really is going on in the fleets of America can do to put their money where their mouth is:

Decrease from 20% to 5% idling over 3 months

… The full report shows all the particulars & shows very clearly the effects of both using GPS Insight as well as managing the drivers to stop idling:

Decrease from 20% to 5% idling over 3 months

Note that this is only one of our thousand customers, and only 234 vehicles. I like the fact that GPS Insight truly is helping our customers make a big difference both in terms of saving fuel money, and the environment.

Another report shows that they have saved roughly TWO THOUSAND IDLING HOURS across their fleet of 234 vehicles by eliminating that 15% idling (based on 13,000 hours driven in the past month). With fuel costs plus wear & tear easily costing $5 per hour, they’ve seen a $10,000 PER MONTH savings, which is $42 per vehicle. We charge them $32.95.  So they make $9 per month just by reducing idling, and now they have all the other benefits of GPS Insight for free – efficient dispatch, proof of delivery, proof of driver hours worked, reduction in speeding, theft recovery, and so on.

Plus they’re not pi$$ing on the planet anymore…

Take a minute to let this sink in.  In my years of selling and servicing these systems the most common excuse I have hard time and time again is “We can’t afford it.”

Well the truth is, you can’t afford NOT to use GPS tracking equipment to mange your fleet.  It doesn’t cost money, it makes you money.  If every delivery truck, school bus, snow plow,coach or taxi you have out there in your fleet brought you in an additional $9 a month profit, what would that do to your bottom line?

And the idling issue is only the tip of the iceberg of business problems you can save with GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking equipment.