GPS Tracking Education Opportunity

OK, no BS.  This is a selling-oriented event.  But it is an excellent way to learn a lot about what GPS Tracking is … not what the rumor mills have you thinking it is.  These folks have been my business partner for years.  They produce excellent products, field an excellent integrated system and provide top-drawer support.  So if you want to increase your technical understanding and make better informed business decisions, give it a shot, even if you feel you are miles away from buying anything:

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GPS Tracking, Transportation, Logistics and the Law

William J. Augello’s "Transportation, Logistics and the Law" presented by Brent Wm. Primus

Fall 2010 Schedule

This is the vital information you need for minimizing risks and increasing net revenues for your organization AND for enhancing your own individual professional growth. The course will be presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D., attorney and Sr. Editor of transportlawtexts, inc.
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This seminar has been approved for 6.5 hours of Continuing Education Credits by the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation TLL logoCouncil, Inc. and 6.5 hours of Continuing Legal Education will be applied for upon request.  For more information please email us.

Parcel Forum 10

Oct 4, 2010, Chicago, IL

This one day course is designed to provide a basic working knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting the supply chain with a strong emphasis on parcel shipping.
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Note: The "Transportation, Logistics and the Law" seminar is available separately as a Pre-Conference Workshop OR as part of a Platinum Package Registration Transportation and Logistics Council Nov 3, 2010, Ft. Worth,TX

Hosted by Blakeman Transportation
This one day course is intended to provide an introduction and overview of the laws and regulations governing transportation, logistics and the supply chain. It is being sponsored by the Transportation and Logistics Council as part of a three day course offering, which will also include "Freight Claims in Plain English", presented by Gerard F. Smith, Esq. and "Contracting for Transportation & Logistics Services", presented by Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq. Further information for those courses may be found at
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Nov. 17 2010, Atlanta, GA

Hosted by Unipro Foodservice, Inc.
This one day course is intended to provide an introduction and overview of the laws and regulations governing transportation, logistics and the supply chain. It is being sponsored by the Transportation and Logistics Council as part of a three day course offering, which will also include "Freight Claims in Plain English", presented by Gerard F. Smith, Esq. and "Contracting for Transportation & Logistics Services", presented by Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq. Further information for those courses may be found at
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Save Now With GPS Tracking, Or Wait Until Spring?

Anyone out there thinking in terms of waiting until Spring before impementing GPS tracking and reaping the savings _now_ instead of later?

How Global Positioning System Fleet Software can Help Combat Winter Fuel Costs – Utility Products

Utility ProductsHow Global Positioning System Fleet Software can Help Combat Winter Fuel CostsUtility ProductsGPS vehicle tracking uses a space-based global navigation satellite system to track time and location information of fleet vehicles. This in …

And then I came across this piece which answer the very difficult question of "Live" (near-reaol-time) or "Passive" (Mission Reporting) tracking.

Believe me, the correct answer isn't always obvious.

GPS Tracking Software: Should You Go With Passive or Real-Time? – Resource Nation (blog)

Resource Nation (blog)GPS Tracking Software: Should You Go With Passive or Real-Time?Resource Nation (blog)gps tracking software It isn't just transportation and delivery businesses that use GPS fleet tracking software. Home service providers like la …

GPS Insight Does It Again

It’s always nice to read about your friends in the business.

GPS Insight is a (now not so) small company which started in this business a few years back about the same time my wife and I started our own (now closed) GPS tracking company.

The owner/founder/CEO Rob Donat has done a wonderful job building up a great example of what small business can do in the good old USA.
You can’t believe ALL the bad news you continually hear on TV …

GPS Insight Selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America Tech Startup – EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)

GPS Insight Selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America Tech StartupEON: Enhanced Online News (press release)(EON: Enhanced Online News)–GPS Insight, a leading technology provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions for commercial and government fle …

Hat’s off to Rob and the team at GPS Insight.

GPS Tracking Advertisers and Exceptional Performers


It’s time once again to recognize our advertisers and exceptional performers here at the GPS Tracking ROI blog.

One of our newest advertisers in Danto Tec, a German leader in top quality GPS systems sales and service.  Glad to have them aboard.  In general, European use of GPS on the highways is far advanced over the use US drivers are making of this important business and personal resource .. there’s a lot more to GPS that finding the way to grandma’s house.  Welcome aboard, DantoTec.

Another relative newcomer is Mil-Tech, who feature an up-to-date, competent directory of top US top_100government defense contractors.  What does that have to do with GPS tracking?  Plenty I would say.  First, when I worked in government contracting I would have valued this list greatly … getting in touch with people for competitive bids, finding local office information, points of contact for different programs, etc. was, and still is, I am sure, a huge chore.  here they are in one easy to use list.

Second, for those of you in sales and business development, even though some of these guys were involved din building the GPS, it’s absolutely amazing how littler use they make of the GPS both in bidding proposals and in their own business management … the cobbler’s barefoot children so to speak.  Thanks for signing up, Mil-Tech.

K-M-Parts I notice long-time advertiser KMParts is with us still … fantastic guys, and thanks.  KMParts is the North American Authority on Moeller Electric, formerly Klockner Moeller, Automation products and Motor Controls. We can assist you in upgrading or replacing all your Klockner Moeller or Moeller Electric products! Most of our orders ship same day from stock – call us FIRST for your next Klockner Moeller purchase!  For over one hundred years Klockner Moeller Corporation has produced high quality electrical components becoming a world leader in motor control and automation. Klockner Moeller has now expanded their technological expertise into power distribution.  Thanks again, KMParts.

hand-tech One of our long-time true supporters is HandTec, the UK’s best source for TomTom equipment.  They’ve been with us a long time and we appreciate the support. 

Handtec has been operating since 2003. These were early days of Personal navigation devices with basic PDA’s connected to wired and compact flash GPS devices making up much of our business. Since then we have continued to grow and stock one of UK’s largest array of Satellite Navigation devices, Handheld Computers and SmartPhones
Handtec also provides products and support to many corporate and government accounts. Each account has personal account managers that can understand their needs and become their contact point within Handtec – making the whole process simple.  However We are committed to provide the best service possible either if its a one off purchase or a lasting account relationship. 

Thanks for the support, fellows and gals.




GPS Tracking Investments — Recession? What Recession?

Trump University


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8 Steps to Recession-Proof Income!
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GPS Tracking the Big Picture

A lot of people still think GPS Tracking is just a minor business “bean counting” tool that’s useful for saving fractionally on fuel costs or driver overtime.  But it can be way more thna that as a tool for understanding and managing world economy.

Worldwide ship movements annually Scientists have come up with the first comprehensive map of global shipping routes based on actual itineraries. The team pieced together a year’s worth of travel itineraries from 16,693 cargo ships using data from LLoyd’s Register Fairplay and the Automatic Identification System, which tracks vessels using a VHF receiver and GPS.

A few hot spots logged the majority of journeys. The busiest port was the Panama Canal, followed by the Suez Canal and Shanghai.

“There is a strong similarity of statistical properties between shipping and aviation networks,” lead author Bernd Blasius, a mathematical modeler at Carl von Ossietzky University, wrote in an e-mail. “But different ship types (e.g., container ships vs. bulk carriers or oil tankers) are characterized by different movement patterns.”

The study will be published in a forthcoming Journal of the Royal Society: Interface.

Factoring in both the volume of ships and the number of other ports each is connected to, these are the top ports in the world:

1 Panama Canal
2 Suez Canal
3 Shanghai
4 Singapore
5 Antwerp
6 Piraeus
7 Terneuzen
8 Plaquemines
9 Houston
10 Ijmuiden
11 Santos
12 Tianjin
13 New York and New Jersey
14 Europoort
15 Hamburg
16 Le Havre
17 St Petersburg
18 Bremerhaven
19 Las Palmas
20 Barcelona

Image: Bernd Blasius

Citation: “The complex network of global cargo ship movements” Pablo Kaluza, Andrea Kölzsch, Michael T. Gastner and Bernd Blasius, J. Royal Society: Interface

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The Ambulance Down In The Valley

Like anyone who writes a blog or operates a web site in support of a business, especially in the world of GPS Tracking, I take note of what people search for.  The poem below was initially posted  in response to a cigarette theft, where the stolen  $100,000 truck tractors were protected (and recovered) by means of on-board GPS, but the trailers, carrying more than $1,500,000 went missing.  very few trucking companies protect their trailers … where the cargo … the whole reason behind trucking .. rides … mainly, because their competitors don’t.  Business smarts haven’t improved any since March, I’m sad to say.

There’s a series of commercials popular on TV lately that really chaps my hide whenever I see one. A big name-brand insurance company has a guy going around and spotting hazards like a banana peel on the sidewalk. Does this do-gooder pick up the litter and protect people?

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Is It Legal To Put a GPS Tracking Device on Someone’s Car?

I regularly read the search words and phrases that readers use to find the GPS Tracking ROI blog.  The title of this post is a very common one.  It’s also the kind of question that is very easy to answer.  Without any quibbling the answer is, yes, no or maybe.

Oh, you wanted a more definitive answer?  Well, here it is.  First of all, remember that I am an expert on GPS tracking business and technology, I am not a lawyer and do not offer legal advice.  If you have a legal issue, you need a lawyer, period.

Peugeot Elegance
Is She Being Tracked?

Creative Commons License photo credit: William A. Franklin But I can give you some clues.  The question as it is written is nearly impossible to answer accurately.  You really need to go through a chain of other questions to get even close to an answer.  Here are a few things that will get you in the ball park:

  • Are you the owner of the car in question?  If you are, it is almost certainly legal in all states, except (and this can be a big exception) if the person you are gathering information on is an adult and a co-owner of the car … example, your spouse.  You could get in a jam regarding invasion of privacy and such, and you could find that information you gather is legally inadmissible.  You really need a lawyer’s advice on that one.
  • Is the person being tracked your own child?  If so, placing the device is likely legal under some conditions almost anywhere.  As a general rule minor children are not entitled to an expectation of privacy from their parents.  If it’s someone else’s minor child, though, I wouldn’t walk away from the idea, I would run.
  • Is the installation secretive or disclosed?  example, if you are a car rental company and you warn people that you are tracking the car it is likely legal.  If you just install the device and use it clandestinely you are likely running a grave legal risk.
  • If the person driving the car is your employee, it’s almost certainly legal.  Again, though, disclosure is the better part of valor.  I also find, from experience, that companies who disclose GPS employee tracking properly, in advance, gain more benefit than companies who try to keep it secret.
  • If you are a third-party, like a private investigator, your question is way beyond my scope of knowledge.  All 50 states have their own set of laws and the specifics of each individual case may be different.  Again, seek proper advice before you act, nor after you have already ‘stepped in” something.
  • If you are a law enforcement agency again your state laws may vary.  In many cases over the past 10 years courts have held that police can track people mainly at will as long as they are only gaining the same information that a law officer could gain by other means … example actually following the vehicle physically.
  • GPS surveillance in many states is legal even without a warrant in many states, based on the above rule.  An important differentiator about warrants in many states is entrance to the vehicle.  If an officer can attach a device without gaining entry to the vehicle it is often legal without a judge’s approval, if entry us required so is a warrant in many cases.
  • And as a windup, will the act of placing the device take place on public property or on the car owner’s own property?  Even police agencies often have to get a warrant to go on private property for an “install”.  Let’s suppose you are a private citizen wanting to track another adult for some reason you think is valid.  Even if the act of tracking is legal in your state, the entry onto another person’s property is likely trespass and in many states that’s a serious crime in itself.

So now that you are thoroughly confused, here’s my parting thought.  Think through the reason you might have that question in your mind.  What are you doing wrong that would cause you to suspect you are being tracked?  is it worth it?

Remember there are many ways to track a car or person without GPS installed … cell phones being a prime example, so it may be more profitable to evaluate your lifestyle rather than this often complex question about GPS Tracking.

GPS Tracking — 15% Extra Profit — Instantly

Here’s a recent news item that came to me and grabbed my interest right away, because the dealer involved is right in my old home territory, Morris county, New jersey where I grew up.  I’ve written often regarding the “for sure” bonafide savings GPS can bring to fleet management, but here’s up to date, real world testimony:

Automotive Vehicle and Parts Dealership Uses GPS and Push-to-Talk Services to Stay Competitive in Slowed Economy

image SUNNYVALE, CA and BUTLER, NJ–(Marketwire – March 16, 2009) – Route 23 Ford, a wholesale vehicle parts dealer ranked 12th in nationwide Ford parts sales, has seen a dramatic increase in driver productivity and accountability through the use of TeleNav Track™, a cell phone-based GPS navigation and tracking service. The company is also using Nextel Direct Connect and wireless devices from Sprint for instant communication between drivers and headquarters employees.

"In the vehicle parts delivery business, drivers are often unexpectedly needed to pick up or drop off a part where they just came from," said Mark Steindler, parts manager for Route 23 Ford. "With TeleNav Track, our back office can see where all our drivers are at once and can redirect them in mid-route, if necessary. As a result, our driver efficiency is up by an average of 15 percent."

Route 23 Ford, part of the Route 23 Auto Mall LLC dealership group, is the largest wholesale parts dealer in the greater New York area, doing business with companies such as American Transit and the city of New York which includes the FDNY and the NYPD. A few years ago, after noticing a decline in vehicle and warranty sales, Route 23 Ford recognized an industry shift. Vehicle quality was continually improving, creating less of a need for vehicle replacement and a greater demand for parts and service. This made the industry even more competitive, leading Route 23 Ford to take action.

By deploying TeleNav Track on employees’ GPS-enabled Sprint wireless phones, Route 23 Ford has seen drastic improvements in fleet productivity. Prior to using the service, the company lacked accurate knowledge of where its parts drivers were at any given time. This made it difficult to determine the most appropriate driver to dispatch for unexpected deliveries and resulted in wasted fuel and employee time.

With TeleNav Track, Route 23 Ford has better field oversight and management, eliminating costly guesswork and enabling the company to hold its drivers to an even higher standard of accountability. With TeleNav Track, the back office is able to print driver activity reports, which can help in better management of business and personnel matters. …

Now this article leaves me with two questions:

  1. To the sales force at Route 23 Ford?  Are you paying attention to your Parts department?  How many of these proven units are you selling along with your new truck sales.  Another proven way to increase profit in these hard times is to sell the customer what he needs to make the best use possible of his fleet.
  2. To you, my reader .. are you profiting from GPS tracking your fleet yet?  And if not, why not?  Waiting for the economy to pick up is the absolute worst excuse.  You need the 25% or more boost in your bottom line that GPS tracking can give you from day one — and there are plenty of low-down, no-down deals available from qualified GPS suppliers.

There are m,any good suppliers out there.  Here are two that I recommend without hesitation (and with out any remuneration as well, I might add, I mention them only because I know they are good)

My friend Rob at:

My friend Colin at: