Fuel Conservation, Reduced Payroll Costs, and Theft Prevention

Fuel Conservation, Reduced Payroll Costs, and Theft Prevention.

How are those for items of interest in your business?  Are you getting enough of any of them to suit you?  here’s an interesting article from one of my former competitors that might be of interest to any businessman or government leader ought to be interested in:

Advantages of GPS-base Fleet Tracking Software

…. advantages of fleet tracking software include fuel conservation, staff management, theft prevention, employee monitoring, and improved response times. “Fleet tracking software provides an all-in-one solution to many very common and costly business management issues,” …
… Fleet tracking software works in conjunction with GPS tracking devices …

… One of the most frequently touted benefits of fleet tracking software is that of fuel conservation due to the fact that dispatchers can easily determine the fastest and most efficient route for any driver…

.. protecting their assets. In the event of theft, ….

… valuable information on the misuse of staff hours by logging the frequency of duration of any stops along the employees’ routes of travel. “Fleet tracking software is the easiest and most reliable way to determine which parts of your business are not operating efficiently… full article on the benefits of fleet tracking software.

I’ve also written about this many times in the past, as well.

But It Costs Too Much

That’s a very frequent objection raised by management, from the smallest companies to large government agencies.  But actually, it’s a very backward and wrong assumption.

Systems like this actually cost your business nothing … that’s right,. nothing, as typical return on investment (ROI) periods happen in less than a year, and they will save you a lot for years to come.

Instead of A Money Pit, Each Vehicle Becomes a Profit Center

Fuel Conservation Reduced Payroll Costs and Theft PreventionI’ve been in this business for years now and one thing I have always found, no matter what the sixe client’s fleet had been or what the fleet’s “mission” is.

GPS tracking does not cost, it pays.

So what are you waiting for?  I’d love to hear some reasons why you aren’t getting better Fuel Conservation, Reduced Payroll Costs, and Theft Prevention.