Garmin Sat Nav Global Positioning Systems

It is highly likely that you have glimpsed one of the many Garmin commercials that have been highly visible near the Holiday Season. A typical version of one commercial shows a man who has become lost while doing Christmas shopping. As he drives around in his car searching for the way home he sees a number of familiar Christmas characters hitchhiking along the same streets. The driver ends up giving rides to the assorted group of characters while an unseen background chorus sings that cute Garmin jingle. See what can be avoided when you have a Garmin Sat Nav; who knows what kinds of characters may be waiting for the next unsuspecting driver.

The point hits home for us though, and it is easy to see that Garmin Sat Nav devices are the most popular navigation devices on the market today. They come in many assortments and styles and can be a very practical and smart looking addition to your car. A Garmin Sat Nav device can be a boon when trying to find your way around the city or place you arent familiar with.

The history of Garmin Sat Nav started in 1989 with a handful of employees who thought vertical integration was very important. Vertical integration means they design, market, build their products themselves. By 2007, the workforce at Garmin topped over 7,000 and continues to grow to this day.

Why Garmin Sat Nav? Garmin has always kept the customer in mind when designing their Garmin Sat Nav devices. Garmin Sat Nav devices boast easy-to-use menus and practical features. The devices themselves look very attractive and can be mounted just about any where on your dashboard within easy reach.

Why is it unique to use Garmin range of GPS? The features of the Garmin Sat Nav devices make them unique. There are split screen views, traffic alerts, touch screen navigation and even models that offer lane changing suggestions. They even have text to speech options which tell you when to turn.

There is no easier way to get directions and driving information than by using your Garmin Sat Nav. With an electronic navigator in your car you can settle back and let the Garmin Sat Nav map the course to any location you have in mind. The text to speech application has quickly become one of the publics favorite features. A Garmin Sat Nav is portable, powerful and adaptable. They are now used by pilots, boat captains and hikers who want to be sure of finding their way through unfamiliar terrain.

Many people wonder what the future of Garmin Sat Nav devices may still hold. The models made for cars have already become top sellers but there are many other applications that can make use of these navigational aids. One of the areas that is just starting to make use of this type of software is the market involving mobile hand held phones and computers. The sales of cell phones and other personal hand held devices are booming and Garmin is already poised to make their mark in this area.

Garmin will certainly cut deeply into the cell phone GPS market thanks to the reliable and efficient technology it employs. Today Garmin navigation devices are the clear cut winner in the consumer market because of the superiority to other brands. When you need to know which way to go you can count on a Garmin Sat Nav to give you the right answer.

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