GPS for Pets — White Bear Technologies RoamEO

Here’s another entry in the GPS Tracking for Pets derby.  I like this one because it seems better suited to how people typically interact with their pets.  And, it doesn’t require any service from cell phone companies of any description.  Not only does this mean there won’t be any monthly fees, but the darn thing might actually work.

Sometimes the most complex technology can be applied to the simplest application. GPS technology is integrated RoamEO - GPS Collar for Dogs into many parts of our lives today, from cell phones to navigation. We don’t even give it a second thought anymore, yet our RoamEO Pet Location System lives are the better for it every day. Now it is possible to use this same technology we find so ordinary in a new way, to help us protect one of the most important things in our lives: our pets.

RoamEO is an exciting new product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate their pets. Using a GPS-enabled collar, RoamEO can pinpoint your dog’s location and show you where he’s heading. It’s that simple. Now each time you put on your dog’s collar, it comes with the extraordinary advantage of knowing that you can locate your pet at anytime. Most of the time, it’s just that extra comfort of knowing where he is when he’s running around out back. And then there may be those times when your pet is counting on you to help him, and that’s when RoamEO will make you his hero.

Maybe your dog doesn’t know what GPS is, but he does know how important your companionship is. So keep him safe.

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Like other systems we’ve looked at the RoamEO uses a collar on the dog that receives GPS signals and calculates the dogs position.  The big difference is the handheld receiver that’s part of the system and the private radio link between the two.  This system will track your dog anywhere on earth … even if you live in George Bush flyover country like I do.  Even when you’re hunting wapiti up in the Rockies.  this is a tremendous advantage over those systems that rely on expensive and not always ubiquitous cell phone based systems.

The disadvantage, though, is also the private radio system.  If Fido runs off beyond the range of the unit (stated as "up to one mile", I think you can safely bet that figure is a bit optimistic), you won’t be able to track him again until you correctly guess his location within a mile and the signals once again connect to your base station unit.   However, for trainers, hikers, hunters and other outdoor folk this should still be a very useful unit.

Another great feature is the intelligent use of geofencing.  If your dog is normally in your yard and you just want to know when and where he wandered off to, you can set a "fence" around your yard and you’ll get an alert when he leaves.  Useful stuff.

At $459 list price this live GPS Tracking system for pets is far less than some … could be well worth it if you have a wandering mutt or a prize breeder that you value a lot.


  • I have the RoamEO GPS Pet Tracking System in inventory and it appears that White Bear Technologies is no longer in existance. Do you know if they sold off their interest in the product line they developed? Anything you could do to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Deborah Holmes

    • dave

      Sorry I can’t help on this isue. several years back I was very interested in this ‘niche’ use of GPS for pets, but over the past few years I’ve found that very few pet owners care enough about tracking to make it interesting to me … or many other people for that matter. Note to Lynn, Deborah says she still has this product in stock.

  • Lynn Calhoun

    I am searching for a product formerly sold by White Bear Technologies, either of their RomEo GPS systems. Evidently White Bear has sold all or part of this business, and I cannot locate the name of the purchaser to find out if they will continue the product. Does anyone know who this new company is and how to reach them? I can locate no way to contact White Bear Technologies either. Please help if you can. Thank you.

    • dave

      Sorry for the tardy reply, Lynn. Also sorry I can’t help with White Bear. I’m trying to clean this booig up, I’ll remove the reviews and references to them, since it appears they are out of the picture now. Anyone wiht further information (please, no, “I think so and so happened”, please leave a comment only if you actually know what happened to this product.

  • Kim

    Petronix now owns RoamEQ

    • dave

      Thanks for that comment, Kim, but I’m a little confused. I can’t find any mention of the product on … any source data for your statement, or perhaps contact info for the person who knows about this acquisition? You must have heard about it somewhere. Thanks for your help on this.