GPS Science For Non-Scientists (NASA, Please Copy)

U-blox has released a handheld version of its tool for evaluating and analyzing GPS performance. U-center mobile provides a highly flexible platform, adapted to the limited viewing area of handhelds, to configure and test GPS products and visualize the collected GPS data, the company says.

According to u-blox, u-center mobile provides satellite status and positioning information, facilitates 2D representations of any GPS parameter in real-time, and offers extensive configuration options. Additionally, the system has a data recorder with playback functionality that enables GPS data logging. Log files created with u-center-mobile are compatible with desktop u-center, allowing log files to be analyzed either on the handheld or a PC, the company says  Full article here: 

A nice GPS Tracking test and development tool released here,  The average consumer-level user never needs to be concerned with the mechanics of the GPS but there are many civilian applications that could benefit

from actual signal strength and satellite geometry views and from planning based on time of day and location to be sure the GPS coverage is exactly right when you need it to be.

This is a tool that will let anyone perform these kinds of surveys without expensive laboratory equipment and physics PhD’s.  Everything you need to know is presented graphically.

Now, if NASA and their PhD’s only had something this good for them to track their film library with … millions upon millions to get men to the moon and an agency now that can barely launch a worn out space shuttle into low earth orbit … there’s no chance we’ll be able to get back to the moon in my lifetime … as these highly paid rocket scientists loose the film?

Thank God I was around to see the real thing.