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Here’s a recent news item that came to me and grabbed my interest right away, because the dealer involved is right in my old home territory, Morris county, New jersey where I grew up.  I’ve written often regarding the “for sure” bonafide savings GPS can bring to fleet management, but here’s up to date, real world testimony:

Automotive Vehicle and Parts Dealership Uses GPS and Push-to-Talk Services to Stay Competitive in Slowed Economy

image SUNNYVALE, CA and BUTLER, NJ–(Marketwire – March 16, 2009) – Route 23 Ford, a wholesale vehicle parts dealer ranked 12th in nationwide Ford parts sales, has seen a dramatic increase in driver productivity and accountability through the use of TeleNav Track™, a cell phone-based GPS navigation and tracking service. The company is also using Nextel Direct Connect and wireless devices from Sprint for instant communication between drivers and headquarters employees.

"In the vehicle parts delivery business, drivers are often unexpectedly needed to pick up or drop off a part where they just came from," said Mark Steindler, parts manager for Route 23 Ford. "With TeleNav Track, our back office can see where all our drivers are at once and can redirect them in mid-route, if necessary. As a result, our driver efficiency is up by an average of 15 percent."

Route 23 Ford, part of the Route 23 Auto Mall LLC dealership group, is the largest wholesale parts dealer in the greater New York area, doing business with companies such as American Transit and the city of New York which includes the FDNY and the NYPD. A few years ago, after noticing a decline in vehicle and warranty sales, Route 23 Ford recognized an industry shift. Vehicle quality was continually improving, creating less of a need for vehicle replacement and a greater demand for parts and service. This made the industry even more competitive, leading Route 23 Ford to take action.

By deploying TeleNav Track on employees’ GPS-enabled Sprint wireless phones, Route 23 Ford has seen drastic improvements in fleet productivity. Prior to using the service, the company lacked accurate knowledge of where its parts drivers were at any given time. This made it difficult to determine the most appropriate driver to dispatch for unexpected deliveries and resulted in wasted fuel and employee time.

With TeleNav Track, Route 23 Ford has better field oversight and management, eliminating costly guesswork and enabling the company to hold its drivers to an even higher standard of accountability. With TeleNav Track, the back office is able to print driver activity reports, which can help in better management of business and personnel matters. …

Now this article leaves me with two questions:

  1. To the sales force at Route 23 Ford?  Are you paying attention to your Parts department?  How many of these proven units are you selling along with your new truck sales.  Another proven way to increase profit in these hard times is to sell the customer what he needs to make the best use possible of his fleet.
  2. To you, my reader .. are you profiting from GPS tracking your fleet yet?  And if not, why not?  Waiting for the economy to pick up is the absolute worst excuse.  You need the 25% or more boost in your bottom line that GPS tracking can give you from day one — and there are plenty of low-down, no-down deals available from qualified GPS suppliers.

There are m,any good suppliers out there.  Here are two that I recommend without hesitation (and with out any remuneration as well, I might add, I mention them only because I know they are good)

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