GPS Tracking Advertisers and Exceptional Performers


It’s time once again to recognize our advertisers and exceptional performers here at the GPS Tracking ROI blog.

One of our newest advertisers in Danto Tec, a German leader in top quality GPS systems sales and service.  Glad to have them aboard.  In general, European use of GPS on the highways is far advanced over the use US drivers are making of this important business and personal resource .. there’s a lot more to GPS that finding the way to grandma’s house.  Welcome aboard, DantoTec.

Another relative newcomer is Mil-Tech, who feature an up-to-date, competent directory of top US top_100government defense contractors.  What does that have to do with GPS tracking?  Plenty I would say.  First, when I worked in government contracting I would have valued this list greatly … getting in touch with people for competitive bids, finding local office information, points of contact for different programs, etc. was, and still is, I am sure, a huge chore.  here they are in one easy to use list.

Second, for those of you in sales and business development, even though some of these guys were involved din building the GPS, it’s absolutely amazing how littler use they make of the GPS both in bidding proposals and in their own business management … the cobbler’s barefoot children so to speak.  Thanks for signing up, Mil-Tech.

K-M-Parts I notice long-time advertiser KMParts is with us still … fantastic guys, and thanks.  KMParts is the North American Authority on Moeller Electric, formerly Klockner Moeller, Automation products and Motor Controls. We can assist you in upgrading or replacing all your Klockner Moeller or Moeller Electric products! Most of our orders ship same day from stock – call us FIRST for your next Klockner Moeller purchase!  For over one hundred years Klockner Moeller Corporation has produced high quality electrical components becoming a world leader in motor control and automation. Klockner Moeller has now expanded their technological expertise into power distribution.  Thanks again, KMParts.

hand-tech One of our long-time true supporters is HandTec, the UK’s best source for TomTom equipment.  They’ve been with us a long time and we appreciate the support. 

Handtec has been operating since 2003. These were early days of Personal navigation devices with basic PDA’s connected to wired and compact flash GPS devices making up much of our business. Since then we have continued to grow and stock one of UK’s largest array of Satellite Navigation devices, Handheld Computers and SmartPhones
Handtec also provides products and support to many corporate and government accounts. Each account has personal account managers that can understand their needs and become their contact point within Handtec – making the whole process simple.  However We are committed to provide the best service possible either if its a one off purchase or a lasting account relationship. 

Thanks for the support, fellows and gals.