GPS Tracking — Does It Really Work?

The web seems to have far too few stories that document real-world savings.  Not that those savings with GPS equipment tracking aren’t real, but I guess too few users and providers of GPS fleet tracking equipment bother to take the time to document the results.

Here’s a well written GPS Fleet Tracking Success Story I think you’d be interested in.  It points up what I have said and proven for years … even small service companies can save big with GPS fleet tracking technology, and by far the largest savings are in operational areas beyond the trucks themselves.  Enjoy.

GPS Tracking Success Story…Visibility into its fleet – one of the features on Moon’s wish list – allows management to locate vehicles easily either in real-time or in playback, invaluable when needing documentation to show customers. Even when vehicles go out of wireless range, the system forwards activity information as soon as it returns to a wireless coverage area.

Moon Services has not only achieved the primary objectives of increasing customer retention and decreasing customer disputes, but it also increased fleet efficiency and reduced expenses. For instance, Moon reduced overtime by 12-15 hours each week, saving the company more than $180,000 per year. Each driver saves one tank of gas per month and is getting better mileage by driving well maintained vehicles and being more attuned to speeding.


  • Sharon

    my ex boyfriend shows up where I am too often and I don’t think it is a coincidence. How is he finding me? I have a cell phone and I know he has a gps. How is he finding me all the time?

    • dave


      I can’t offer much help here. You should know if your cell phone sends out GPS data or if you ever were in any sort of service that reported your position. You should check with your cell phone dealer/provider on this .. in particular, express your concerns to their security department … they would be the only authoritative source to tell you if your phone can or can’t be tracked. Asking people on the web like this will get you a lot of conjecture and often downright false information.

      Having a GPS himself shouldn’t be any advantage to your ex in stalking you, GPS receivers are independent of other GPS receivers. But as far as the possibility of him having put one on your car? That certainly is well within reason. Suitable trackers today are very cheap and they are all different shapes and sizes, some especially made to be “clandestine” … and I never dealt with that area of the business … in fact I used to refuse clients who wanted clandestine systems, just because I don’t want to get anywhere near the law enforcement/private detective realm of things. Does this ex only show up when you have been driving your own car to a location?

      I always try to avoid paranoia, because this could be nothing more than coincidence, but my personal advice is,

      a. If you are a minor, go immediately to your parents and talk with them as you have here.
      b. Visit you local police department and express your concerns. (the more documentation you cna give them as to dates, times and places, the more likely they are to take you seriously.)

      Stalking has certainly been a precursor to many tragedies, and if he actually is stalking you, it’s typically illegal in many ways and needs to be stopped … you have your own safety to consider and it’s better by far to raise a concern now and perhaps have it turn out be nothing later than to hesitate because you “aren’t sure” and then recieve your ‘assurance” by being placed in a dangerous situation.

      That’s my two cents worth …

  • Sharon

    what does the gps tracking device look like and where do they put it on your car?