GPS Tracking in Real time — Cab Spotting

I just noticed some searches here at GPS Tracking ROI on the phrase “cab spotting” and realized that since I revamped the site my old articles on this useful tool weren’t here any more.

My goodness it has been a long time since I wrote about this service.

GPS Cabs on the move in San francisco

It’s a very good tool for those of you who are thinking about GPS tracking and wondering just what it might look like and how it could work for you.

Also, as the site explains, several years of tracking taxis around San Francisco … especially noting when they are loaded and generating revenue and when they are empty and burning nothing but overhead, tells a lot about social and business patterns on the city that have nothing directly to do with taxis.

What sort of analysis of your business could you do with a few year’s history about where your people and your vehicles went, and when?

There’s a lot more to GPS Tracking benefits than just reaching out and seeing where a vehicle is at any given moment.  GPS tracking is a business tool that can save a lot more than just gasoline.