GPS Tracking Panchira Round Two

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My anti-GPS privacy advocate readers will undoubtedly get all worked up over this one.  A few jealous boyfriends or unsure fathers and husbands may start thinking about buying Christmas gifts from the manufacture, and some may not be pleased with the idea of making GPS tracking sexy.  But here at GPS Tracking ROI we leave no stone unturned (or hem un-lifted) to bring you the straight story on profitable and innovative uses for GPS tracking.

I guess this post should just consist of one of those pictures that speak for themselves.  But you know me, never one with nothing to say ;-).

Creative Commons License photo credit: FALHakaFalLin

Several years back there was a semi-elaborate scam about a supposed Japanese manufacture called “Panchira” (panchira, by the way is Japanese slang for “show your panties) which was producing a line of GPS locatable lingerie.  Turns out the hoax was originally perpetrated by a fellow who just wanted to get more traffic to his web site.  he did.

I wrote a follow-on to that piece almost a year ago, entitled “tracking her panties for fun and profit”.

When I saw a news item this morning I immediately thought, “is this April First”?  When I double cheeked the calendar and then the rest of the details it looks like this is a “for real” development this time.

I’m still unsure if this can really be made workable with the size, antenna requirements and power budgets of today’s devices, but I’m no engineer and who am I to throw cold water on innovation.

A loose translation of the Portuguese tagline under the model is, “Capable of finding me”, an indeed, thousands already have.