GPS Tracking ROI Is More Than Just Saving Gas

More Than One Way GPS Tracking Saves Money

I’ve been in the GPS Tracking for business arena a lot of years, and I can tell you I haven’t yet found a fleet that couldn’t pay for GPS tracking just by simple gas and idling cost savings alone.

GPS Tracking Saves More Than Gas

Here’s the thing a lot of managers overlook.  Most of your drivers are good.  Most of them are concerned for their own safety, as well as their road sharing drivers.  But there are always some bad apples.  And I do mean always.  I never yet demoed to a fleet manager and not had him or her say something like, “What on earth are they doing"?  (You might also like this article GPS Tracking — Does It Really Work?)

GPS Tracking can help prevent this Once I put some trial units on a potential client’s trucks and he called me up a few days later and asked me to remove them.

“Why”, I asked, thinking perhaps that a unit had failed or I hadn’t installed properly, or trained the manage how to read the reports.  No, nothing like that.  His reason?

“I saw this system telling me one of my pickup trucks was doing 80 mph in a school zone yesterday afternoon ad I just know your unit is inaccurate, no way could that guy be driving that insanely.”

We talked things over a bit and we determined the driver in question always passed the same school every day on his regular route.  So I talked my potential client into driving over to the school that afternoon and spending a little time waiting.

We parked in the shade of a tree just inside the school zone and chatted a while about business, friends we had in common, the way our city was being managed and … WHOS+OSH … one of the company pickups passed us like a race car on the last lap of Indy.

I had no way to prove the real speed of that truck, but my new client said it all.

“Son of a bitch”!

He ordered units for his whole fleet later that afternoon.  Seeing is believing.

How GPS Tracking Can Identify Dangerous Driving

Here’s a great video from one of the leaders in the real GPS Tracking for Business market.  My friends at Geotab.  I am no longer connected with this company, but I used to sell their products and I recommend them and believe in the company and its service implicitly:

I don’t really care if you buy from Geotab or from another reputable company who stands behind their products, but I can tell you that you risk losing a lot more than a few gallons of gas per month if you don’t do something now, today, to protect your business.  A GPS Tracking System for your business will pay for itself, in both dollars and peace of mind.