GPS Tracking Violates the Rights of the Homeless

Yet another GPS Tracking activity that has an ROI for the people who are helped, but doubtful some others will see the GPS advantage.

Here’s another thing the anti-GPS rights demanders can use in their fight to return us to the dark ages.  I’m sure these homeless people’s rights are being violated in some way or another.

Memo to self … if in danger of becoming homeless, be sure to save a few cents back to buy some aluminum foil to put over my head so that I’ll be safe.

Homelss man violarted by GPS Volunteers begin count of Baltimore’s homeless

Census using GPS is meant to help agencies that serve the most needy

Gus G. Sentiments |

January 22, 2009

More than 100 volunteers, including experts and students from two Baltimore universities, embark today on a census that will use survey techniques and global positioning technology to count and track the city’s homeless population.
Organizers said yesterday that they planned to start collecting information beginning at 1 a.m. today, visiting spots in a 50-block area in the central city where homeless people are known to sleep. A later shift of volunteers will visit soup kitchens, day shelters and other places in the city where homeless people congregate during daylight hours, officials said.
Volunteers will mark locations where homeless people are found and return at a later date to record the spots using global positioning system devices.
The goal is to create a map of homeless activity that’s useful for the city and nonprofit agencies that provide services to homeless people, officials said.