GPS Tracking — Where’s The ROI

Are you getting the most out of your dollar?

For years now I’ve been hearing nothing but the excuse, “We Can’t Afford It” when I talk business-oriented GPS tracking to fellow entrepreneurs.  I can always come up with facts and figures that show astounding Return On Investment (ROI) right in their own market.  But I;m a little guy, and of course, I was always suspect because I was selling the product.

Well I;m not selling any longer, and this report, from the Aberdeen Group represents a huge cross-section of the world-wide market.  The price is right, the information is priceless.  You make the call.

GPS Tracking speakersToday’s powerful GPS-based navigation tools may eventually eliminate the age-old dilemma associated with asking a stranger for directions. With the adoption of such tools and the innovations around the uses of location information, best-in-class companies are driving up resource utilization rates and slashing operating costs to the tune of 21% providing a significant return on investment and a clear leadership position.

Are you getting the most out of your dollar?

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  Learn how NewWave Communications identified inefficient practices, deployed a fleet management solution and anticipates saving $175,000 during the first year of deployment.

  Identify actionable take-aways that you can begin executing immediately in your business to gain a competitive edge, impact your customer’s experience and increase your bottom line.

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The Return on Investment

Fleet-Specific Metrics Average Change Since Implementation of Fleet Management

  • Idle Times 25%
  • Fleet Utilization 32%
  • Fuel Costs  -22%
  • Operating Costs/Vehicle  -21% (~$740/vehicle)
  • Daily Mileage  -31% (~1,678 miles)

Workforce-Specific Metrics  Average Change Since Implementation of Location Intelligence

  • Workforce Productivity 23%
  • Workforce Utilization 25%

Aberdeen Group, May 2009   Register Now