Here is a Thought BEFORE You Buy GPS Fleet Tracking

One big mistake I have been observing in my 10 plus years of expereince with GPS Fleet Tracking is an issue that has nothing to do with GPS itself.

It has to do with a very typical and secretive attitude on management's part … usually starting long before they ever even buy GPS tracking for their fleet.

Start bringing your employees, especially drivers, on board _before_ you make any GPS tracking equipment solutions.

It does not have to be a contentious issue between the drivers and management … but it likely will be unless you involve the drivers from day one.

Also (strange as this may seem to some management “guru”s), the driverds actually know a lot about your buisness and what is needed to make it more efficient and profitable.  

They are not 'low level workers' to be ordered around, they are the face of your business, and they will make or break any system you buy.

Trust me, I know this works.

Introducing GPS fleet tracking to your staff ~ Telogis


Drivers may have concerns about a GPS fleet management system invading their privacy. Of course, you can mention how a more profitable business is better for your staff as well, providing them with job security and growth opportunities.