GPS Tracking For Pets From The AKC

I’ve written a number of times in the past on GPS pet location devices, those using GPS tracking and a few others that use a different technology. 

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But there has been little to report lately. 

Thanks to the AKC and InfoWorld for bringing us some good news.

Dog owners can text message or call into the American Kennel Club service to receive the location of their dogs.

By W. David Gardner
April 20, 2009 05:45 PM

See Spot run. See Spot run away. See Spot’s GPS. See Spot found.

That, in a nutshell, is the story of a tiny GPS unit called SpotLight. The 2.5-ounce device, which easily attaches to a dog’s collar, is scheduled to be marketed by the American Kennel Club beginning next month. The SpotLight will be priced at $250.


Dogs can be located on the SpotLight Web site by cell phone, smartphone, or PC. Dog owners can text message or call into the American Kennel Club service to receive the location of their dogs "anytime, anywhere in the U.S. with pinpoint accuracy," according to a SpotLight spokesperson.

Owners can even establish their own SafeSpots — safe locations set up by owners. When a dog leaves a SafeSpot, an alert is sent to its owners by text message or e-mail. Multiple alerts can be set up, for instance, if a dog leaves an owner’s yard, and, again, if the dog leaves the owner’s neighborhood.

Better yet, the service offers continuous tracking so owners can follow their pets’ locations on a map as they roam about for up to a week. All SpotLight information — alerts, SafeSpot locations, and location histories — can be viewed from a single dashboard. American Kennel Club spotters are available every day around the clock to help owners locate and recover lost animals.

The device includes a bright LED light that’s visible from 100 yards. The LED can be activated remotely by owners from their handsets or PCs. The light is activated by a simple text message, "Spot SpotLight On," and the LED beacon is instantly activated.

This is great GPS Tracking News news in three areas:

  • Price:  It’s fair and within the reach of all pet owners.
  • Backing : because the ALC is involved this won’t be a case of a tiny company being overwhelmed by their product “taking off”.
  • Scale:  Since this news will reach hundreds of thousands of owners via an authoritative source, the product should come into much more brad use than any individual service provider should be able to reach.

All in all? Excellent news for the GPS tracking community and Fido in particular.