Is GPS Tracking Only For CSI Sleuths?

Came across a pretty interesting and useful service/smart phone app the other day while I was perusing the usual semi-useless plethora of “Angry Birds” and other time-wasters most people waste their smart phone time with.

It’s called See It Ship and it’s simple in execution but masterful in scope.

Here’s a few facts you might think about to get an idea of why I call this ap “masterful”

There will soon be a mobile device for every prson on the planet … 2015 or so by current projections.

Most of those mobiles come with GPS tracking built in, or available as an add on.  Thus most delivery vehicles already are equipped (or can be very easily) equipped with GPS tracking … even bicycle messengers and foot del;ivery persons.

See It Ship

GPS for Brand-Building Instead of CSI

Most customers/clients who are waiting for deliveries have more thna apassing interest in knowing where their inbound shipments are and when they are likley to arrive.

Most shippers have way more than a passive interest in where their outbound shipments are.  Especially because they aren’t going to get paid until the shipment is delivered in many cases.

Most companies mouth words about “customer care” and “client communication”, but truth be told, dealing with call after call about “where’s my stuff” is a big pain in the nether regions and produces absolutely no direct revenue.

Most CEO’s and other small business owners “say” they want to “build their brand”, and frankly it’s hard to make any argument against establishing one’s company as an industry leader.

Bottom line is, one deleivery truck and one supplier often look suspsicously like another … any wonder UPS has spent a fortune on being recognized around the world as “Brown”?  I mean what does “Brown” have t do with shipping?  Not much exceot that people in Indiaand China know what it means, as well as in the USA.

Most managers who have invested in GPS tracking seem to have been watching far too many CSI shows.  It seems to many that the only thing GPS is good for is catching errant drivers doing somehting wrong.  Now don’t gte me wrong, this needs to be done … but …

What if there was a good use for GPS that:

  • Made you clients feel nformed and special
  • Gave everyone in the shipping hain insight with nothing more thna an iPhone
  • Showed off the timely performance of your best drivers.
  • Reducved overhead and continulay distractions fo you customert service staff
  • Helped build your brand as aleader in your paticlular field
  • And was already deplyed across most of the world as was essentially free to use (wihtin the US, anweay)
World you want to know more about a system like that?
Well now you already do.  Just go to See It Ship and learn more