Making Money Online by America’s Unions

I make it a practice never to delve very much into politics here on retired Pay the blog primarily for Seniors and Retirees Making Money Online.  And I am not going to break that rule today.  But I am going to give a brief shoutout to something that always seems to be very political in nature, America’s labor unions.

Some of you out there are currently union members or retired on union-backed pensions so I don’t need to fear too many brickbats from your direction.

Others are like me, I was only a union member for a short time in one job that I held and have not had too much dealings with unions, pro or con during my career.

Others are rabid anti-union advocates, blaming all manner of ills from the Wall Street business failures to the exporting of jobs overseas to the Civil War on trade unions.

Well this isn’t an open call for a debate, I’m not going to change anyone’s views in one blog post, surely, and I wouldn’t want to anyway.

But I will say that I recognize how many of the benefits I enjoyed while I was working and those that I continue to enjoy now as the fruits of the labor movement.  Even those of you in non-union jobs should give a moment to contemplate where your work hours, your annual paid vacations, merit promotion systems, maternity leave, EEOC office and so many other benefits we take for granted as Americans came from.  They were all founded in the work, dedication and sacrifice of union members and they have now become so much the norm that few even realize that fact.


US Aur 1549 rescue effort There’s another thing rooted in unionism that is especially important in some skills and trades.  And that’s today’s message.  You’ll recall the huge news coverage a few days ago when US Air flight 1549 made a forced landing on the Hudson River in new York.  I won’t call it a “crash” landing as so many media jerks have dubbed it because it was by no means a crash … and fool can give up when all looks hopeless and let an airplane crash.  It takes a real pilot to fight to the bitter end and win his way through to the other side … captain :”Sully” definitely had a forced landing but crash does not enter into the picture, especially because of the training the captain, his first officer, the cabin crew, the air traffic controllers the firemen, policemen and commercial ferry mariners who all contributed to making the outcome so successful.

And what common bond was shared by virtually everyone involved?  They were almost 100% American Labor Union members.  Read the details here.

So right or wrong, the next time you think about saying the word “union” with a sort of disgust as so many folks seem to today,. stop and think and perhaps give some silent thanks to the union gals and guys who performed so admirably in this challenge.

After a;;, one of these days they will be Seniors and Retirees Empowering Their Retirement too.