Of Course We Don’t Need GPS Tracking, Our Employees Are Loyal

But then, again, are you sure? 

Remember what Ronald Reagan was famous for saying, “Trust, but Verify”

Read this for a clue as to what might be going on that you don’t quite have a handle on in your company/department:

1372668_6a583031An Augusta Recreation Department supervisor has been placed on leave without pay for allegedly using a city dump truck to steal a load of dirt.

Deputy City Administrator Bill Shanahan confirmed that property and maintenance supervisor Jerome K. Johnson was placed on three days’ leave without pay on Friday while Shanahan investigates the allegations.

“Misuse of government vehicles and taking government assets that aren’t yours; it’s definitely something we take seriously,” Shanahan said.

The city is examining GPS tracking records to determine where the dump truck went, he said.

According to city records, Johnson has been with the city since 1999. He was working at the Augusta Municipal Golf Course before joining the cemetery crew as a supervisor last year.

Now here’s a very typical story.

And a case of why you need to verify what your employees are doing.  Or pay the price.

Either this employee is blatantly robbing the city, or he’s been falsely accused and he need to have his name cleared.

So much easier to do either one, _IF_ the city uses GPS tracking.

Update, just at publication time I found an update … the case against Mr. Johnson has been substantiated and he has been fired. 

Good work, City of Augusta.