People Tracking is Coming to Fruition

Reston, VA — October 14, 2009 — Ekahau Inc., the leading provider of High Performance Wi-Fi-based Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), today announced that it is expanding its hardware product line with the introduction of the T301W, a wristband tag that is designed for use in applications that determine the precise location of people.

The T301W tag’s small size and comfortable fit make it ideal for use in hospitals, where knowing the real-time location of an adult patient, child or a visitor is a requirement for ensuring patient safety and satisfaction. The wristband tag also can be used in places like amusement parks, cruise ships and other hospitality venues, where there is a potential for children or adults to be separated from their group. Enterprise uses of the units include deployments in mines, where it is important to know the location of individuals in the event of an accident; and in highly-sensitive facilities, where visitor access may be restricted to specific areas.

“Ekahau is first on the market again with a wristband format Wi-Fi tag,” said Arttu Huhtiniemi, vice president of Product Management at Ekahau. “Our new, small form factor tag incorporates Ekahau’s industry leading location tracking technology, enabling accurate, real-time location tracking over the customers’ existing Wi-Fi network.” … Read the rest of the article with details of this non-GPS people tracking system.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Marcin Wichary

I just came in the GPS tracking business too soon in life I guess.  For years I got customer queries and invitations to bid on system requirements I just couldn’t deal with using normal GPS technology.

Many TV shows will show the tracking of “secret agents” or even criminals under conditions where it just will not happen in real life.  Looks good on the big screen, though.

Here’s a well thought out system that will work, though.  Wish I had had this to sell back when I was in the business.

Million (Multi-million) dollar idea I toss out to you for free.  Put one of these bracelet’s on every school child.  Put a beacon on every school bus and in every class room/school entrance/exit.  Can you imagine the value, the safety and even the administrative hassles that will be solved?  How to pay for it?  Easy.  Let parents pay for optional beacons or base stations in their homes, neighbor’s homes, day care centers etc. and then pay for a very cheap monthly subscription so they can also track Johnnie or Joanie before and afterschool when they aren’t part of the school board’s responsibility.

Remember you read it here first.  I’m available for consults, but I only fly business class.