Police Chiefs — Yet Again, Do You Care?

Police Chiefs --- Yet Again, Do You Care?

Police Chiefs — Yet Again, Do You Care?

(Last Updated 8 October, 2017)

I’ve written about this issue many times before.  Even years after GPS installations are funded and made to police patrol vehicles, patrol officers think the have the right not to be tracked, not to properly account for their hours, and not to be in the place where dispatchers and other officers think they are.

Is Your Department Anything Like This?

Full article here: Investigation: Melbourne police sergeant disabled GPS equipment, falsified payroll entries.

MELBOURNE — Computer technicians are researching ways to prevent Melbourne police officers from disabling their GPS equipment after a former sergeant was disciplined for concealing his location on the job.

Sgt. Michael Schmid retired Sept. 22, effective immediately, after an internal investigation revealed that he turned off his automated vehicle locator on numerous occasions. Police Chief David Gillespie had suspended Schmid with pay on Aug. 31, and Gillespie had intended to fire him.

In My Opinion This Is Pure Bullshit

Reminds me so much of my years of military service when errant officers who should have been made to account for their actions are just allowed to retire at full pay and allowances.  Sad management, again in my personal opinion.

Moving forward, “any allegations of turning off one’s GPS will be investigated,” Gillespie told FLORIDA TODAY earlier this week.

“Our current policy prohibits officers from turning off their GPS, so there have not been any policy or IT changes as a result of the investigation,” Gillespie said. “However, supervisors are now more aware of the issue regarding officers turning off their GPS, and have been instructed to address any violations immediately upon it coming to their attention.”

“Our IT department is investigating how this occurred and looking to identify ways to prevent officers from having the ability to turn off their GPS,” he said.

OK, There Was a Policy But No One Enforced It

I guess maybe Sergeant Schmid should not have been fired directly because the chief admits the policy was not being coherently enforced.?  Take action, chiefs, today, not next week, to let your officers who actually runs your department.

Still On Pay After False Time Reporting?  That’s a Crime!

Schmid also falsified entries in the timekeeping/payroll system. and gave his laptop to another officer to prevent the tracking of his vehicle, the 225-page investigation concluded.

The Melbourne Police Department’s automated vehicle locators use GPS information to display vehicle locations on a map for use by police dispatchers and other officers in the field.

During questioning, Schmid said he had disabled his automated vehicle locator”to check up on officers to make sure they weren’t doing anything illegal, immoral or unethical, to make sure that they were doing their jobs, and … to have the ability to have an unbiased look at them so they didn’t see me coming and know that I was coming,” the investigation shows.

Sad Business Is All I Can Say

What’s even a little more sad in this case is that the city of Melbourne, part of Brevard County, Florida doesn’t seem to be much at learning from their own county’s history and experience.

Are Mosquito Control inspectors managed better than on-duty police officers.

In 2010, a Brevard County Mosquito Control GPS investigation revealed widespread “loafing” on the clock — and all 15 inspector/sprayers were fired or placed on probation.

After cross-referencing daily mosquito inspection records with truck-mounted GPS-tracker data, county officials discovered inspector/sprayers were napping at home on the clock, driving to restaurants and shopping centers, and falsifying records.


Seven years and no lessons learned? Sad.

Police Chiefs — Yet Again, Do You Care?