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Save Our GPS tracking

(Updated 19 January 2018)

Why Should I Care About Saving Our GPS?

If you’re a friend of GPS, or even you GPS haters who find their way here, if you can ever perceive of a time GPS might find your lost child or help catch your wife’s rapist, or something equally as high in your self-interest, you ought to think about joining in the campaign and preventing the commercial destruction of the tax-payer supported infrastructure YOU built and YOU pay for.

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I Wouldn’t Know What To Write

Well here’s a sample.

You should write some letters like this, and you should write them now!

Dear Congressman Tipton:

I am writing on behalf of myself, my Colorado family and my long-term GPS consulting practice to share my concerns about a recent government action that could seriously affect the millions of Americans who use GPS every day.

In January, the FCC authorized a communications company called Ligado (formerly LightSquared) to use their satellite frequencies to build a new ground-based wireless network.

Unfortunately, the FCC is allowing this new wireless network to be built despite the fact it uses almost the same frequencies as the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

GPS providers believe that this new wireless network will cause serious interference to GPS receivers across the country.

In addition, in my own personal and professional opinion.  I feel this is of significant concern to you as a Congressman from Colorado, as the GPS is a national, even global asset managed right off the plains of our great state.

Although the FCC has directed the company to conduct an interference study, we are very concerned that FCC’s plan for addressing interference to GPS is inadequate.

To expect the entity with a vast commercial stake in this potential GPS danger to be an impartial testing agency is ludicrous and dangerous, in my professional view.

At the very least, we must insist upon an independent, international organization for testing and certification of this proposed infringement on the GPS spectrum.

Not only the USA, but our global allies may be adversely affected if the United States does not live up to our role as the manager of this critical resource.

As a provider of GPS consulting services, I am concerned that the FCC decision will harm my business and affect the millions of American consumers, businesses and government users who rely on GPS.

There is also a potential for grave consequences to US intelligence and military services which can’t be mentioned here, and which Ligado does not have the level of security clearance nor ‘need to know’ to even be aware of.

This is akin to allowing children to play with a loaded gun.

While I am sure Ligado is a concerned, honorable organization, they are playing with dangers they really do not understand, in the name of (possible) short-term financial gain, at the (possible) expense of our very national security.

I urge you to contact the FCC to let them know the importance of protecting GPS from interference.

Thank you and please let me know if I can be of any further assistance in this matter.

David W. Starr

 Save Our GPS tracking


You should also think seriously about joining or otherwise lending support to the Coalition to Save Our GPS.