The Ambulance Down In The Valley

Like anyone who writes a blog or operates a web site in support of a business, especially in the world of GPS Tracking, I take note of what people search for.  The poem below was initially posted  in response to a cigarette theft, where the stolen  $100,000 truck tractors were protected (and recovered) by means of on-board GPS, but the trailers, carrying more than $1,500,000 went missing.  very few trucking companies protect their trailers … where the cargo … the whole reason behind trucking .. rides … mainly, because their competitors don’t.  Business smarts haven’t improved any since March, I’m sad to say.

There’s a series of commercials popular on TV lately that really chaps my hide whenever I see one. A big name-brand insurance company has a guy going around and spotting hazards like a banana peel on the sidewalk. Does this do-gooder pick up the litter and protect people?

Nope, in true Web 2.0, "touchy feely" fashion he puts a traffic cone down near the banana peel, hoping people will see the cone and thus somehow connect the inconvenient and unexpected cone with the hard to see banana peel and avoid slipping on it.  I want to scream at the imbecile, "Pick it up the banana peel, you dolt, do something to completely avoid the hazard instead of some misguided attempt at mitigating it"!

McDonalds has a similar commercial in the past few weeks.  A young woman is shot walking down the sidewalk in parallel with herself.  In one side of the shot she’s attractive, vibrant, hair deployed like a Suave commercial and a lovely smile on her face. 

In the other side of the screen she looks like a woman who just used only TSA-approved makeup after getting off a turbulent Manila to LAX flight, with a frown, blowzy hair and eyes half open.

In the sidewalk is one of the world’s most dumbshit utility workers, man hole cover slid to one side and a couple dumb orange cones supposedly alerting innocent pedestrians to the hazard.

Well of course in the half-asleep, frumpy personality side of the shot she doesn’t see the cones and falls right into the man hole.  In the other side she adroitly sidesteps the hole and smiles even brighter.  The moral, at least as McDonalds wants you to envision it, is eat a good breakfast at the golden arches and life will be grand.

Well hello!!! That ain’t the real moral.  The real moral is don’t use half-assed measures like orange traffic cones … meaningless cautions from Mom not to take risks … when there are real world dangers out there.  It is not (yet) a cushy little bicycle helmet, skater’s knee pads, Web 2.0 world.

Use proven technology, such as GPS tracking to eliminate hazards before people get killed or maimed.  Leave the silly orange cones for Ronald to play with.

Once upon a time a poem was written that pretty well sums up where we are today when it comes to business safety and crime prevention:

“A Fence or an Ambulance”

by Joseph Malin

Twas a dangerous cliff, as they freely confessed.
– Though to walk near its crest was so pleasant,
But over its terrible edge there had slipped,
A Duke and full many a peasant.
The people said something would have to be done.
But the projects did not at all tally.
Some said “Put a fence round the edge of the cliff”.
Some, “An ambulance down in the valley”.

The lament of the crowd was profound and was loud,
As the tears overflowed with their pity,
But the cry for the ambulance carried the day
As it spread through the neighboring city.
A collection was made, to accumulate aid,
and the dwellers in highway and alley.
Gave dollars and cents – not to furnish a fence
But an ambulance down in the valley.

“For the cliff is alright, if you’re careful!”, they said;
“And if folks ever slip and are dropping,
It isn’t the slipping that hurts them so much,
As the shock down below – when they’re stopping”
So for years (we have heard), as these mishaps occurred,
Quick forth would the rescuers sally,
To pick up the victims who fell from the cliff,
with the ambulance down in the valley.

Said one, in a plea, “It’s a marvel to me,
that you all give so much greater attention,
to repairing results than to curing the cause;
You had much better aim at prevention.
For the mischief, of course, should be stopped at its source;
Come, neighbors and friends, let us rally.
It is far better sense, to put up a fence,
than an ambulance down in the valley!”.

“He is wrong in his head!”, the majority said,
“He would end all our earnest endeavor,
He’s a man who would shirk the responsible work
But we will support it forever.
Aren’t we picking up all, just as fast as they fall,
and giving them care liberally?
A superfluous fence, is of no consequence,
if the ambulance works in the valley.”

The story looks queer, as we’ve written it here,
but things oft occur that are stranger,
more humane, we assert, than to succor the hurt,
is the plan of removing the danger.
The best possible course is to safeguard the source
by attending to things rationally.
Yes build up the fence, and let us dispense,
with the ambulance down in the valley…

We have allowed insurance companies in the US to develop tremendous, un-deserved power.

We have virtually eliminated individual responsibility … “What’s the government going to do about the problem?”

Do we just want to continue down the same slippery slope, or do we want to act on the principles our country was built on?  Do you want a fence at the top, or an ambulance to pick up the pieces at the bottom? GPOS Tracking for your company assets can be your fence.