Tracking Customer Service With GPS For Proven Profit

Free money.  If you service or repair at customer locations this could very well be free or found money.

Are You Late in Completing Service Work-Orders?

A recent Aberdeen survey revealed that companies do not complete nearly 21% of work orders on-time. Lack of insight into near and long term service workload and resource (people, parts) capacity resulting from poor planning and forecasting
is to blame for the sub-optimal service performance.

Please take a 10-minute survey to:

  • Benchmark financial and operational service
    metrics relative to peers; and

  • Compare how your service organization’s
    business processes stack up against those
    of best-in-class companies

  • Learn what your peers are doing to reduce technician overtime and fulfill service commitments on time

The Aberdeen group provides one heck of a lot of good information to business owners and marketers.  One of the things I find especially fascinating is how hard they hit the service side of industry.  that’s because they, as I have found by personal experience, find that most businesses spend a ton of money, often losing big to fulfill service commitments which could actually be a big profit center if managed correctly.  The report is free, I am sure you’ll more than get you money’s worth.

And for my institutional, school and government readers?  Not so fast, you need to read the report too.  How much do you spend in tasks involving employees going out to sties to fix things, install things, adjust things?  (School system White Fleets come immediately to mind) Just because you’re not a profit-making entity doesn’t mean you should be reducing costs and using scare money in better places … while:

Improving customer service!

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