GPS Tracking Her Panties For Satisfaction And Profit

GPS Tracking Her Panties For Satisfaction And Profit.

GPS Tracking Her Panties For Satisfaction And Profit.

Last Update: 28 September, 2017

Tracking her panties?

Everyone who reads my GPS Tracking articles here regularly knows that I focus on ways that GPS tracking can improve a business’s bottom line … how you get a return on an investment in specific technology.

But some businesses can make money by tracking a different bottom … at least until the product’s sold, that is.

GPS Tracking Her Panties For Satisfaction And Profit.Many readers who come here from search engine queries, though, are interested in the more drama-related aspects of GPS … things like tracking and errant spouse of girl friend.  There was even a spoof article which made the rounds a month or so ago about a company selling a device that could be attached to a woman’s panties and would not only send their location from time to time but sound an alarm if they were removed.  A joke, I hope, for at least the foreseeable future.  But for how long?  I don’t know.

Real World Panty Tracking — No Joke

We here’s a company who has a proven rate of return on their investment in GPS tracking technology and their specific application is tracking women’s lingerie … and expensive, sexy lingerie at that.  So far I think they have limited the use to tracking before the panties are worn, but ….


Ann Summers tracking increases delivery efficiency

Posted by Miya Knights at 3:59PM, Wednesday 13th February 2008

GPRS tracking technology is helping the lingerie retailer improve customer service and increase operational efficiency in time for one of its busiest trading periods, Valentine’s Day.

Anne Summers shop in Bath, UK

Ann Summers, the UK lingerie and adult novelties company, is using web-based satellite tracking services for its entire fleet of delivery vehicles in time for Valentine’s Day.

The online telematics service from Masternaut gives real-time visibility of the company’s fleet. The capability enables it to pinpoint the movements of individual vehicles and improve customer service to the point of home delivery. By doing so, it is also looking to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies.
Mick O’Neil, Ann Summers transport and fleet manager told IT PRO the company wanted to install an up-to-date tracking system to eliminate “grey areas” from its view of delivery operations.

“With the service we can clarify if a driver attended a delivery address if a customer queries it. We can use the wait times to properly track anything like parking fines. And it is helping us track shift times better, as well as ensuring that our drivers are taking breaks and so on,” he said… full panties tracking article here

Funny thing is, just before I sat down to write this article I was watching a ‘true crime” show about a mastermind who stole millions of dollars per year from the fashion industry and was only ever caught because of some mistakes he made in his personal life … his crimes were no closer to police detection years after he started them than on the day he started.

And then I switched to another real crime” show (American Greed) and what do you think I found?

Three Shoplifters and $7,000,000 Profit Stealing Toys?

A mother-father-daughter team roamed the central USA “boosting” (shoplifting) mainly high-value toys from stores like Barnes and Noble.

Three people can steal $7,000,000 worth of product in a year or so?  Yes indeed, they did.

They finally got caught when Federal agencies tracked and wire tapped their cell phones (via a court order).  The crime they went to prison for was transporting stolen merchandise over state lines.

How much quicker the crime spree could have been ended(and how much the stores involved could have saved) if they had just put some tracking in place on high-value pilfered items such as $300 dollar Lego sets.

GPS Tracking Doesn’t Cost, It Pays

If you don’t think that pilferage of easy to resell luxury articles is a very real risk, you have a lot to learn about business.

Add in the other benefits mentioned like:

  • Detecting labor hours fraud
  • Personal safety of distribution personnel
  • Oh yes, something pretty important in today’s world … customer satisfaction

… and Ann Summers is getting a great return on investment from their effort in tracking panties.  Shouldn’t you be GPS Tracking your panties products and people as well?

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