Use of Public Transit is Soaring — ITYS

For years now as city mayors and mangers rode to work by themselves in their BMW’s and Cadillac’s, that transit is going to be the salvation of your city — if it can be saved, that is. You read it here first. Now read what USA Today has to say ..

Use of public transit is soaring.

Transit agencies had record or near-record ridership in the first three months of the year, thanks to high gas prices, a mild winter and, in one city, the Super Bowl. By Joe Raedle, Getty Images Mass transit systems around the nation have seen a spike in ridership. Mass transit systems around the nation have seen a spike in ridership. At least a dozen communities set records for the number of people riding buses, trains and light rail, even though some cut service because of tight budgets, according to the American Public Transportation Association. More people returning to work helped, says Michael Melaniphy, the association’s president and CEO.

Public transportation use up across the nation in 2011

He says ridership on what’s called:

  • Heavy Rail — subways and elevated trains — increased in 14 of the 15 systems that have such transit.
  • Light Rail — streetcars and trolleys — rose in 25 of the 27 cities that have it.
  • Buses — 34 of 37 large cities saw increases in ridership.

"It’s nationwide," Melaniphy says. The result: fuller trains and buses straining the capacity of systems….

So why are you reading about this on a blog about GPS tracking system,s and technology?  Simple.

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of operation on these systems is the role GPS tracking can play in absolute bottom-line savings.

Sure. customer service is nice, but when the chips are down, as when you have to move more and more people with the same strained resources, GPS tracking should be one of the first places to look to improve your bottom line.

We in the industry have known this for years, but it’s surprising how many senior managers still think that GPS tracking is an excess cost that they can’t afford.  In fact, it pays.