What Does Good GPS Tracking Look Like

My friend Rob Donat’s great little forward-looking company has just released a major update to their system dashboard.  This is the interface that company owners, fleet managers. dispatchers and other leadership would see if they are managing their vehicle costs … and ROI using Rob’s GPS Insight system.

GPS Trracking ROI in ActionI was really impressed at the level of customization built into the dashboard, as well as the ability to make as many different custom dashboards as are needed.

This has long been a problem with most GPS tracking software.  Since there are many different corporate officers, clients, drivers, dispatchers, etc. who need to see the GPS tracking data, it’s extremely difficult to fit the information each one needs on the screen. 

Often, “Information Overload” results and then the people who might get the most business value out of the data ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ and don’t get the real business benefit.

For others in the company, there is often information that isn’t routinely presented .. so they lose value as well.

I really like this GPS Insight interface.  Click on the picture or follow the link to see a worthwhile demonstration video.  How I wish when I was selling these systems I had an interface like this to show to my prospects.

Kudos to Insight GPS for this one, and a note to their competitors … can you do better?  Write me and let me know about it.

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  • Thanks Dave, I appreciate the kind words and coverage. Hope you’re well. –Rob.