Why Is The USA Such a Mess For SMS?

I saw this interesting device/system on www.gpsobsessed.com  (Recommended daily reading)

NuM8 child-locating GPS wrist watch

NuM8 child-locating GPS wrist watch

Remember the child-locating NuM8 digital wrist watch that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year? It’s now available for purchase in the United Kingdom from Lok8u, the maker of the watch.  The NuM8 secures to a child’s wrist, triggering an SMS alert to a parent’s cell phone if forcibly removed or if the child moves outside of a predefined zone … read the whole Child Locator article here.

My point here is why such a device is taking so long to really make market penetration in the US?

I submit a big part of the reason is that the wireless companies still can not figure out how to seemly market, price, deliver and troubleshoot their digital data offerings. 

It takes so long to get items approved for the network, it takes so long to navigate through the labyrinth of conflicting pricing plans.

And the wireless companies are still firmly in the grip of the “voice guys” who act as if they were waiting for this foolish “data phenom” to go away and leave them to their ancient world.

Especially with the economy facing the challenges that is currently does, I say baa, humbug, you guys are in business in spite of your efforts rather than because of them. 

Make it simple, make it cheap, get a lot of customers.