GPS Tracking Watches the Watchers

This is actually a republication of a story I wrote several years ago … but the very same issues are going on all across America today.

Public agencies refuse to embrace the benefits of GPS Tracking in saving costs and improving service. And sadly, some public service employees, even when they know GPS Fleet Tracking is watching them, refuse to do their jobs.

Police investigate each other
GPS monitoring results in five suspensions, 13 reprimands

 By Michael D. Mullins
Reporter Staff Writer

After a 14-month investigation led by Hoboken’s internal affairs unit, 13 of the city’s 25 police officers who were assigned to a 12-to-8 a.m. shift were found not to have been patrolling their beats at certain times, and given suspensions recently. Since 2005, Internal Affairs has used Global Positioning System (GPS) in patrol cars to track how often each car moves during a shift. The GPS devices were public knowledge throughout the department, according to Hoboken Police Chief Dr. Carmen LaBruno.
Rather than patrolling the streets of their assigned area, certain cruisers remained idle for unnecessarily long periods of time, LaBruno said.
Of the 13 officers disciplined, five received a three-day suspension and an additional five-day work period without pay. Another five officers were ordered to work without pay for a period of one to three days. Also, three sergeants were issued written reprimands for their lack of supervision. … Full Article Here:

Hoboken, New Jersey.    

A lovely little town on the Hudson River shore of New Jersey.  If you turn right on any exit ramp when you exit the Holland Tunnel you’ll drive right into Hoboken … you’ll know it by the signs that say “Birthplace of Baseball and Frank Sinatra. 

Are There Chicken Coops in Hoboken?

One thing Hoboken isn’t the birthplace of is “Cooping”.  No relation to chickens.

“Cooping” is old police slang for finding a place to hole up when you’re on patrol and catching some Zzzzz’s. 

New Jersey is a state (properly, in my view as a native) where crookedness abounds. 

Of all the counties in New Jersey, Hoboken’s county, Hudson, has perhaps the worst reputation … think it is just by chance that Tony Soprano’s pork store was on Kearny Avenue in Hudson County?

I’m No Cop But I’ve Seen It For Myself

Years ago I used to ride frequently with a police officer in another burg, smaller than Hoboken, in another county nearby, a county that prided itself on being less crooked than Hudson. 

You couldn’t, however, prove it by their boys in blue.

The force was tiny.  There was typically only one officer per shift driving the one and only patrol car. 

The chief set a performance standard that each shift was to do a minimum of 100 miles of patrol per shift. 

So each officer took great pains to write down his car mileage at the beginning and end of each shift, turning in 100 or more miles driven in his daily report.

Does 100 Miles On The Log ActuallyMeans 100 Miles Driven?

The first time I rode … illegally, but who cared … with my friend on the department, I read off the speedometer to him but then noticed he had written the miles down about 50 short. 

When I brought it to his attention he explained cooping … and how it was the duty of each man on day or evening shift to log about 50 miles less than actually were driven on their shift … so that the mid shift patrolman would have 100 miles already in the book as soon as he came on duty. 

Happy Chief, Happy Officers. Town Citizens?  Maybe Not So Much

The chief was happy … he had folders and folders of reports that “proved” his men were doing 100 miles per shift. 

The patrolmen were happy … they all took their turn on mid-shift and always enjoyed being able to pull into an alley somewhere and snooze for most of their shift. 

My officer friend and I were happy as we drove to a restaurant for dinner break miles and miles away from the town, strictly to rack up extra miles on the patrol car … all at taxpayer’s expense.

But That Was Years Ago

So that was years ago, and this is now.  Check the cited Hoboken story out, it’s a hoot.

  • The police chief puts GPS tracking units on the patrol fleet.
  • The patrolmen know the trackers are there.
  • The patrolmen just go right on with “cooping” as if challenging management to actually manage.

Note:  “Cooping” isn’t used in the article but the chief makes it plain the times were much longer than simple coffee/meal breaks .. can you say: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz, boys and girls?  Thought ya could.

  • A captain (how much more did she get paid than a regular patrolman?) refused to go on patrol and let GPS document her refusal  … she knew it was there but didn’t give a crap.
  • The sergeants (who get paid extra for what?  Supervising patrolmen?)  Didn’t bother to supervise.
  • The police chief did his job, and now the whining starts.

What You Expect Me To Do My Job?  Just Becuase You Pay Me To?

About the only really predictable item is the PBA trying to condone their member’s malfeasance when presented with proof of it. 

I happen to be a strong union supporter.  But there are two big unions in this country that ought to be abolished … the NEA and the PBA. 

Both of them love to excuse their few incompetent members doing wrong … and that’s not what a union is for.

Hail To The Chief

Anyway, hat’s off to Chief La Bruno. 

And don’t get too busy laughing at either cops or Jerseyans. 

Your employees are doing the same thing with your vehicles … I can virtually guarantee it.

Back in the day when I sold GPS tracking systems, I found similar employee antics in 100% of the organizations I supply trackers too … so look in the mirror before you laugh.

To Manage You Must Measure

You can NOT manage what you can’t measure, and GPS Tracking will measure performance for you and easily pay for itself while doing so.

Information On Drivers License Restoration Livonia MI

At driving school, you will learn about the various laws related to the road usage. The drivers and pedestrians should follow these rules and failure to comply with the rules the party faces a punishment from the government. As a driver, ensure you are aware of these laws by revising them. You can find them online or consult your driving school. The local government has a copy of these laws and they can help you understand the right way to use the road. If the certificate is revoked, consider hiring a lawyer to help with the drivers license restoration Livonia MI process.

The authority will determine the type of defamation you have committed before passing judgment and classify the offense under the law. They will check on your past driving record to determine if you have had the same mistake again. If you have been in a mess before, your case will be very difficult as there are higher chances of you losing in the accusation due to the previous records.

Visit the website of the listed providers to gather details about their services. Check on their ratings and reviews to determine their reputation. A firm with many ratings means many people trust their services and they were satisfied with the services they received. Reviews are testimonies from the previous clients and they explain the experience they had with the firm.

Your willingness to comply with the punishment given will also influence the nature of punishment. If you are guilty, accept the charges and look for a professional advocate to assist you. Denying an offense that the court has already proven you guilty might send you to a more complicated situation. In case you have any information concerning the events that took place, consider speaking out to the relevant body.

Take the contacts of any service provider you find dealing with cases related to your condition. Select a manageable number for easier evaluation and research. Using a manageable sample makes it easy to gather and evaluate details to get to a sound decision. Tabulate your findings for easier comparison of the firms. Use the same factors when comparing the companies.

You must undertake a drug test from a reputable evaluator firm. You must provide the legal firm with a copy of the results of review. The legal representatives will re-check the results to ensure they are accurate and complete, they will then submit a copy of the same to the state.

After six weeks from the day of submission, the hearing date is set. Within the six weeks, your lawyer will assist you in coming up with evidence from family and friends documenting sobriety. Your close relatives and friends should give their testimonies in the form of a letter. They will also prepare you for answering the questions by using anticipated questions for practice.

Ask for their permit before you sign the agreement. Ensure they have all the identification cards including a membership card for a professional body. Negotiate about the prices and try to make them charge you a reasonable price that you had budgeted for when planning for the process.

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Guidelines For Finding Reliable Traffic Ticket Attorneys Livonia MI

Traffic violations can be complicated to deal with. If you feel that the charges were made unfairly, finding a good lawyer to represent you would be of great importance. A competent lawyer would study your matter and inform you of your legal position. He or she would also conduct investigations in order to understand your case and advice you in regards to the best course of action. Most importantly, the expert would dispense information to assist you in understanding the various alternatives you have and their possible outcomes. If you need to find reliable traffic ticket attorneys Livonia MI is one of the best places where you could base initial research.

A good professional would play the very vital role of evaluating the legal defenses in your case. He or she would hunt for loopholes that could have your case dismissed. Then again, if the evidence tabled against you is already incriminating, the expert would provide assistance by trying to negotiate with the prosecutor.

There is always an advantage in working with a local lawyer. Such a professional would not only have in-depth understanding of your local but would also know your local courts well. Some of the good relationships that the lawyer has built in the past with prosecutors and judges could be used to stir things in your favor.

The right lawyer should be a specialist in laws that govern traffic violations. He or she must have reasonable experience in this field and should also have an outstanding track record. During your first meeting with a potential expert, ask about his or her years of experience and reputation.

There is plenty you could tell about the proficiency levels of an attorney based on his or her records of accomplishment. There is always a need in finding out where an expert received training and even the bulk of traffic violation cases he or she has handled in the recent past. A highly experienced professional will be able to tell you from an honest position, whether it is worth it or not to put up a battle.

When searching for the finest Livonia, MI traffic ticket attorney the cost factor will be one that you must not overlook. Normally the fees for receiving legal assistance would greatly depend on the kind of charges made against you. The reputation and also the track record of a lawyer would also play a role in determining how much you would need to pay in terms of attorney fees.

In order to get it right, consider the value you would be getting for your money. Ask about the level of assistance that would be offered and the details of the services that you should expect. Having your agreement made in writing could assist greatly in avoiding misinterpretations.

There is plenty of helpful information that you could find online. Apart from finding the websites of local reputable lawyers, you could also find their customer reviews. If you have friends or relatives who have worked around similar cases in the past, you could seek their views and perhaps request for recommendations.

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Recommendations On Choosing Perfect Lawyers In Metropolis

Guidance of a lawyer is vital under numerous situations. These kinds of situations incorporate; when hurt in an accident, caught and also incurred with whatever offense in a trial of law or even when contemplating splitting up from your partner. The responsibility of the legal professional would be to assist deal with the issue as well as avert a new one from happening. To get the very best lawyers in metropolis you need to think about the pointed out factors right here in.

Just as observed, there are actually a variety of instances which can trigger the use of advocates. Thus, you should incredibly give thought to who you need to utilize in regards to the matter at hand. It is a common principle that a legal professional dealing with accident matters will express people who have been harmed and necessitate reimbursement. On considering this element, you would find the appropriate person to tackle the issue.

Experience of any advocate is an important factor that has to be considered as well. Experience is measured by the duration the person has been working as an attorney. Most are the times that people confuse age with know-how. However, the older the person the higher the likelihood he or she has enough experience with the task. With an experienced advocate there are higher chances of winning the case.

The prior cases handled and their outcome is necessary to contemplate on if you want the best outcome. However, the earlier outputs are not often indication of good results. Nevertheless, this frequently will cause you to obtain more confidence on their system of working. The results can certainly be acquired from the selected person by merely asking them or maybe you could get recorded files of every sorted out case in the legislation organization premises.

The cost of hiring the lawyer has to be taken into account. Different attorneys will charge at differing rates, thus, an extensive research is essential to find those that are pocket friendly. Therefore, before embarking on the hiring process make sure that you discuss the charges of offering the services. A cumulative pay per case is more affordable as compared to pay on every representation.

Moreover of worthwhile to deem is the locality of appointed individual. You will need to pay a visit to him or her frequently for consultation services and also examining on the development of the scenario. For this reason, you should contemplate someone who has his or her places of work in the city. This minimizes on the moving cost you have got to utilize and also simultaneously provides sufficient dialogue period with the individual.

Discipline issues of the advocate is an additional key element that has to be accounted for. Explore if they may have been connected to any kind of indiscipline before. Clientele recommendations are necessary in investigating the self-control of the legal counselor. Nevertheless, disciplinary concerns do not inevitably induce his or her ability, though they absolutely sway the employing choice.

Summarizing, it is essential that you need to do a wise selection on the attorney you are going to employ to represent you in a court of law. The expertise, self-control, fee, locality along with the past history are the essential hints which you should think about whilst doing the appointing.

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The Best Ways To Find Divorce Lawyers

When two individuals love each other, they usually get engaged and get married. However, as time passes by, marriage problems may occur, keeps fighting, shouting and hard for them to fix the problems. For that reason, they consider a divorce. A divorce process is quite popular among couples who have decided to end their relationships.

A divorce process is usually the first thing that comes to their mind when these things happen. This is especially if their relationship is no longer healthy. This is also the time when divorce lawyers west palm beach are needed. But before considering a divorce, be sure to understand the aspects of the process and the consequences of the process to your children.

But since there are so many options found in the west palm beach, FL, it is quite daunting on how and where to start your search. If you have not hired any lawyer before, it would be quite daunting on your part in making a choice. Thus, to simplify the selection process, here are some tips in finding a good lawyer in your local area.

First, you have to understand that divorce is a legal procedure with the purpose of dissolving all your assets while resolving all your custody issues. The main job of an attorney is to represent you to his or her best ability throughout the process. Although you want a listener to your pain, frustration, anger, or sadness, but their job is not to be a listener.

They have studied for many years, pass the board exam, and get their license, not to become a therapist or coach, but to act as your legal representative during the case. And because their time is gold, they have no time for all the dramas in your life. Of course, they will listen, but not the whole thing. If you are hiring them for that purpose, then it is only a waste of money.

The next thing to do is to know what you want and need. Before hiring one, consider other ways to litigate. If you do not have any obligations with kids and finances, hire someone to act as a good mediator between you and your partner. Mediators are the easiest and cheapest way to get divorced. But once the negotiation becomes complicated, that would be time to hire a lawyer.

The next factor is to gather at east three choices. Do not stick to only one option and just hire him or her immediately without knowing the capacity of others. As you can see, a lot of fishes are found in the ocean, so why the hurry. Once you have gathered three options, it is time to interview them before making a final decision. Hire someone who specializes in family law.

Aside from that, be sure to hire an individual who has the expertise, experience, and knowledge you need to handle the case. The person you choose is someone who is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and a good communicator. He or she is someone you fee comfortable with.

This person also knows the importance of your children and consider them first before making such arrangements. Basically, this is an important decision to make. But remember, there is no assurance of the procedure. However, when you follow the important steps, you will also find the best person who can help you.

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Qualities Of Fred Pinckney Arbitrator That Makes Him A Popular Pick

Its never an easy thing to be faced with any legal case. Aside from it is time consuming, you will also have to pay for the attorney and other professionals who will work on the case. Depending on the gravity of your case, it can last for a long time. And the longer it gets, the more you will need to pay.

This is why its vital that you hire someone who is really good at what they do and can resolve the issue as fast as possible. Fred Pinckney arbitrator could be among your top pick. He has worked with different clients in the past and have proven himself to be competent enough in delivering varied needs from clients.

Of course, while you have many options around, you cannot really be so sure if they can deliver high quality work. Being aware of what they are capable of is your responsibility as the client. Here are qualities that Pinckney has that makes him an in demand name.

Wide industry experience. This is something that is indispensable. Even if one has some degree of formal education on law, experience is what teaches him to actually apply what is being taught at schools. He is recommended by many because of his proven efficiency in handling many cases.

Rich network. You can widely benefit from the contacts that professionals have. Should your case require another expert to provide with added information, the legal aid you hire could make use of his or her connection to pull out those needed details. This is not only convenient for data gathering but on the overall speed of your case proceeding as well.

Good reputation. If you remain doubtful on your own choice, then looking at the general reputation of the person will help. This will help you get an overview on whether or not the person is good enough for the job. Past clients who were satisfied with the results they receive will be more than willing to recommend you to the arbitrator who worked for them.

Professional. Its always an advantage if you choose to work with one who pays very high regards on the work that he is doing. This makes it easier for you to trust and depend on them anytime you need their professional input. Real professionals know what to do and how to keep the client on the loop on the recent progress of the case.

Client centered. Lastly, you can rest assured that he places your best interest first ahead of everything. As all the other professionals on the same league. They are aware that while they know details on the procedures and legalities, you as the client have your own reservations as well. And they are more than willing to listen on it.

Know who your best options are before agreeing on any deal. Should you need any help on choosing the best arbitrator, feel free to ask those who have tried working with one before. The result of whatever case you have is highly dependent on the performance of your legal aid. Make it a point to choose those who are highly capable of performing.

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How To Make Settlements Happen

There are several times that one should go to the court to get a commendable lawyer that is what you truly need. You should also know what makes a perfect attorney. It may be hard to answer it when you fail to set the standards. Certain qualities are needed to set when choosing a person to help you.

The professionals have to possess the right qualities for them to be chosen. They need to ear the trust of their clients for more confidence. They should also earn high and admirable reputation in this kind of industry. Consider all their characteristics and check if they truly have it for a better Ashford settlement Iowa.

One should possess the right level of understanding therefore. It means he should understand the discipline and the overall study of the laws. Right knowledge should be given too to be able to win it. Confidence and mastery should be present to defend your rights and get the desired outcome.

What you need is a good attorney that has great experience with his profession. Wide experience can indeed result to high mastery and skills. Select those that specialize in the kind of case that you have. It can aid you have confidence despite all problems and doubts of winning it.

Another trait of a responsible attorney is being a good negotiator. Negotiations are really essential and it is really good when the individual has it. There are different cases that a person may face and all need the right procedures to be implemented. They are also resolved without you proceeding to the court.

Communicating with all the people is also another quality that one should possess. It is indeed important when one faces the judge to persuade and with other people that are there listening. If he fails to do well, there is a possibility that you will lose it. Better check his background and record first before making the decisions to hire him. It is a matter of credibility, skill, and practice when he is there.

His or her knowledge can go nothing without having the right communication. He should speak well and clearly in a way. Correct delivery of message is really crucial. When they do not have it, it would be impossible to make them believe and it would lead you to lose. Public speaking is really important to learn then persuade the people.

One should practice perfect judgment in all situations. Winning this case also includes high analytic ability that could result to good decisions and judgment. It is the core of all the skills that they should possess. There is also a need to make the correct decisions which is based on the quality of providing the highest quality of judgment in the process.

You should put these things in mind before choosing an attorney. Remember that they are not the one who will suffer in the end if everything goes bad, it would be you. Make sure therefore to follow the tips or points given to you in this article for more assurance that the process will be alright.

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Top Tips For Finding A Dependable Drunk Driving Attorney Warren Michigan

Being charged with the offense of driving while intoxicated is not a simple matter, regardless of the alcohol levels that were detected. Normally, it would be in your best interests to begin the process of finding a suitable attorney immediately you find yourself in a fix. A reliable specialist would not only represent you in court, but also ensure that you get a fair judgment even if you risk being fined or serving jail time. If you need to find a competent drunk driving attorney Warren Michigan is one of the ideal areas where you could base research.

If you have never had reason to seek legal assistance, there is a high chance that you would not know where to begin your search for a dependable lawyer. Even so, you should not let your emotions get the better of you. Take a deep breath and carefully conduct a research. There are numerous vital aspects you need to consider before deciding on the attorney to hire.

Plenty of useful information can be found on the internet. You could also make use of local directories to find the contact details of attorneys who are listed there. Another excellent way of getting leads is by seeking the opinions of relatives and close acquaintances, especially those who has a history of dealing DWI cases.

Once you have a list of at least five experts who genuinely have your attention, the next step would be meeting them for initial consultation. It is only through interviews that you can tell whether a particular specialist is right for you. There is always an importance in hiring an expert who you could trust with both your case and your future.

Given the nature of drunken driving cases, you need to do yourself the favor of choosing a highly proficient legal representative. Ascertain that you focus your investigations on finding local dependable lawyers. Ideally, you have better chances of getting a good outcome if you work with someone who understands your local laws in depth.

The right DUI lawyer in Warren, MI will be highly experienced in working on lawsuits that are identical to yours. Consider the professional histories of prospective specialists and also acquaint yourself with their success rate. You must also consider the reputation of experts who interest you and search for their customer reviews.

Lawsuits can be devastating regardless of the seriousness of the charges made against you. Apart from the qualifications of a specialist, it would be a good idea for you to also consider his or her personality. Even in the storm, you would have a better experience working with a legal representative who is personable and has excellent communication skills.

The cost of hiring an expert would also need careful consideration. In most cases, a good reputation and a remarkable track record would attract an extra fee. With all that is at stake, it would be out rightly senseless to make choices that are mainly based on cost.

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Top Advantages Of Hiring A Mckinney Personal Injury Attorney

If you have ever been a victim in a personal injury incident you know how frustrating it can be sometimes. There is a lot to take in, and it can be a real challenge if there is no one there to help you. Most personal injury cases have two elements. The first element is someone (in this case you) was hurt, and the second element is that someone caused your injury in a situation that could have been prevented if they didn’t make a mistake.

Once you are in this position the first thing you need to do is search for a personal injury attorney McKinney TX, or at least in the surrounding area. If you see the practical reasons why a personal injury lawyer can help you it will become clear why without them many people would not get what they deserve when they are wronged by someone else. Here are some great reasons to think about getting an attorney for your personal injury case today.

Personal Injury Attorney Top Benefits

While there are plenty of reasons to hire an attorney, perhaps the most important one is you need a skilled professional to represent you. They went to school for law and understand that there are certain procedures to every type of case. An experienced attorney will be able to sit down with you and help you figure out what you can do about your situation, and the experience of a professional is well worth the investment.

Secondly, keep in mind that a professional attorney can help you save your valuable time. When you are recovering from a personal injury you do not want to spend extra time worrying about how the case is going to be handled. You are going to want time to recover and get your bearings, and an attorney can make sure you have that extra time by taking care a lot of the important legal stuff while you spend time getting better.

It is very common for people without lawyers to try to settle with insurance companies without a second opinion. In most cases the end result is a hefty loss of the money that they should have been paid because of the pain and suffering, as well as the medical costs that occurred due to the personal injury. Your attorney will work hard to ensure that everything you deserve ends up in your pocket- at any cost.

The last reason you need an attorney for these types of matters is simple: it is more than just one person working on your case. Most firms have teams that they work closely with to gather facts, file paperwork, and do other important tasks when processing your case. In other words, you can rest easy because you have a whole staff of professionals behind you.

Where to Find a Lawyer

Getting a personal injury attorney McKinney is important when it comes to finding a quality lawyer. They have some of the best in the country, and work hard to try and help every person who comes to them win. If you were the victim of a personal injury accident do not hesitate to contact them today.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact The McCraw Law Group to speak to a personal injury lawyer McKinney Texas today. Our experienced McKinney accident attorney can help with any type of injury claim.

Telemarketing Fraud & How SEC Whistleblowers Can Help

While it probably goes without saying, telemarketing is a relatively common practice. We have probably been contacted at home, for the sake of purchasing a product or something else entirely, without our prior consent. However, you may not know about the case known as telemarketing fraud, which is one of the most serious situations that people can find themselves in. For those who are unfamiliar with this particular situation, keep the following details in mind.

According to companies such as Whistleblowers Against Fraud, telemarketing fraud occurs when an individual is called, the main reason being to call a potential victim. The victim in question probably doesn’t know any better, since he or she sees a promising deal that they’d like to benefit from. Once payment is processed, usually through a credit card, this is where problems can arise. Fortunately, these can be solved with the help of SEC whistleblowers.

You may be curious to know how telemarketing fraud specifically comes about, though. A common example would be the “news” that you won the lottery, and that the individual on the other line needs your credit card information to fulfill the transaction. This should be seen as a cause for alarm, but others might fall for the trick. Nonetheless, in order to avoid becoming a victim in this scenario, a certain level of care is required.

Telemarketing fraud is nothing short of dire, but there are a few ways you can protect yourself. One of the ways to do so is by consulting different authorities, Whistleblowers Against Fraud included, since their diverse knowledge can grant a tremendous learning experience. In addition, you should be mindful of when these people call. It’s not abnormal to call during the middle of the night, which should immediately bring up a red flag.

As you can see, there’s much to consider when it comes to telemarketing fraud. It’s a serious problem, to put it mildly, but it’s not like you are without help. Not only do you have the services of SEC whistleblowers at your side, but you can rest easy knowing that general care can go a long way. All you have to do is exercise common sense. When this is brought into account, it’s easy to imagine that your financial stability will remain intact.

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